I just had to write about this odd set of circumstances. A relatively unknown poster artist gets overnight acclaim during the presidential campaign. His posters of the now President are seen everywhere. He’s making money. He gets his own and first solo gallery opening. He then gets arrested for tagging while on the way to the Boston exhibit. Oh, by the way, he’s also being accused of by the Associated Press of Copyright infringement. Wow! What an strange turn of events.  All I can say is why blow it and just not give credit in the first place? All artists get ideas and use references from many different sources. If you make it your own that’s one thing but if you copy exactly (maybe Photoshop in this case) without giving credit that’s another. I wouldn’t have known the details until I read these stories. When you see the Associate Press picture and Fairey’s Obama poster, you can’t help but see the near exact resemblance of where his poster art derived. I’m all about giving credit where it is due and I have a problem with those who don’t.

LA Times:

shepardfaireyandhishope_2. Photo credit Damian Dovarganes / Associated Press

Out of line blog:

obama and associated press photo from Out of Line blog

On an uplifting note, it’s the weekend. Hope you have a good one and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Click here for the result of this copyright lawsuit + review other links in the comment for more up to date information.

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One thought on “Credit

  1. Here are a couple news links that I wanted to add to this posting regarding “fair use”:

    AP alleges copyright infringement of Obama image:

    And where I first saw the above article, The Design Corner Blog, which led to:

    (Note the half photo and artwork showing the reference to each, which Fairey does not deny. This will be interesting for all artists to see how this transpires.)

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