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Happy July 1st! Wow, where is the summer going? I have too much to do this week and this image reflects it. I’m thinking of this picture as I feel like I’m climbing a wall.

Here’s a humorous follow up to my zipper dress post…However, this dress is made of colorful condoms. Who would have guessed these could have another functional and fashionable purpose.

dress-made-of-condoms. Source unknown

If we make it to New York this summer while checking out colleges for our younger son, I’d like to go to the Museum of Art and Design (M.A.D). Coincidentally, this is where the rubber (glove) dress is on display — a previous post, which consequently led the post on sensory art. It’s a little freaky that all these posts all circling back after a year later.

museum of art and design-mad_exterior-via-the-intelligent-life-blog

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