Julian Beever

Happy Labor Day! I was going to take a break but since I’m working why not go ahead…

You’ve seen Julian Beever’s work in forwarded emails that take forever to open. I’ll only post a few here. His work deserves credit because he’s taken anamorphic perspective to new heights, or should I say new “lows.” His sidewalk, chalk drawings bring it right to the masses. He shows up in various cities and just starts painting. He was in Glasgow during the International Summit while my son, Piers was there on a church trip in 2005. His website shows his many works but videos may be better to show the process, which bridges some mathematical know how with artistic ability. He also has a good sense of humor.

Hard to believe that the little boy is standing flat on the pavement!

Julian admits that some people see his work as graffiti, and don’t
feel it has a place on public streets. Happily, he says, he mostly
receives a positive reaction and people like and enjoy his art.

I like this one, because it’s a butterfly!

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  1. Happy Labor Day Weekend everybody! Here is a cool Youtube video celebrating what we Americans have done. Just want to share it with everyone today! Be safe today!

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