After da Fat

Alright Mardi Gras is over 🙁   However, I’m having two different King Cakes that were delivered, yes, in the blizzard (kudos to Fedex and UPS, not the regular mail) on this Thursday that I rescheduled to host my entrepreneurial group. I just have to linger with one more Mardi Gras thing. I would be remiss if I did not mention Muses — the Krewe (organized group of masked revelers in New Orleans speak) that does a great spoof on current events, politics and politicians as well as their native city. If you click their link it will take you to all of their float designs that were in  this year’s parade. The theme was Muses Night Fever. Here’s a little sneak peak below, but you’ll recognize these classic favorites like: “Take a Chance on Me,” “Upside Down,” “Fema,” That’s the Way I Like it,” and ” Leak Out”— just to name a few….Wait a minute, I’m starting to sound like Ryan and Colin of “Who’s Line is it Anyway’s Greatest Hits.” (that show was a blast)…Back to Muses, I think they are a riot and have very clever, poetic and sometimes hard hitting and even vulgar lyrics that seem appropriate. They bring a sense of humor to even the most unlaughable situations — that seems to be the New Orleans’ way and culture:


They even have one called, “Skunky Town,” for Sydney Del Torres, New Orleans’ famous Trashman. BTW, I grinned and beared the opening show on TLC. Sad to say, I don’t think it is gonna last long.

Linking back to last Wednesday’s post on the Super Bowl Ad, which is what I used to watch the Super Bowl for — up until the Saints; there was a special on CBS on Sunday on the best Super Bowl ads of the last 10 years. Here’s the review: Some are funny, but I remember funnier ones than these. Do you?

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