Flowers in Abundance

Art in Bloom can also be seen in the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA’s) exhibit pairing flower arrangements as art in front of paintings from which they were inspired. The exhibit is appropriately called Art in Bloom.

Here are just a couple of examples, one with my favorite painting at NOMA.

27-art-bird-of-paradisej. PHOTOS BY JOHN MCCUSKER, Times Picayune

Still Life With Box’ by artist Jean Metzinger is paired with an arrangement by the Junior League of New Orleans Garden Club; it was the second-place winner. — Times Picayune


The Acres of Green Garden Club won the competition with its arrangement paired with ‘Whisperings of Love’ by William Adolphe Bouguereau. — Times Picayune

As NOMA communications director Grace Wilson noted, speaking about them all:

“The placement of each leaf and flower is like a brush stroke.” — Times Picayune

Interesting to note that you have to be “licensed” to be a flower arranger/florist in New Orleans.

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