Every year The Washington Post holds a contest around Easter for the most interesting diorama using peeps. When I saw this notice regarding an exhibition of peep art by artists in Spartanburg, who have created a mock digital demonstration of peeps during an Easter jelly bean hunt, I thought of this contest.

Illustration by Gary Kyle, Spartanburg, SC,

This year’s contest was stellar with lots of creative ingenuity, wit and famous art referenced pieces. All photos by Bill O’Leary for The Washington Post. There are so many more peep entries than these to see,

Eep Peep winner of Peeps Show 2010. Washington Post

“Eep” Peep was in fact my favorite, as I have posted on the animated movie Up.






Just had to show this because it was THE story here, anyway, of the blizzard — other than the blizzard itself.



Being a New Orleans native, I can relate to this Mardi Gras one.



I have this “real” Norman Rockwell print in my office

Here are just a few of the various views of peeps from the previous Washington Post Peep Contest. They are all pretty humorous:

peep-art by Illana Greenstein and Jane Dokko

peep-julius-michelangelo by the Kaleba family

Finally, this one just made me chuckle:

peep-plumber by Anne Lukas

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