Oil Spill

As news of the BP oil spill off the coast of Louisiana became more severe, I have become more worried about the impact — both environmentally and economically. These folks have just gotten back on their feet since Katrina. It just seems like they have a magnet for bad blows. This however, could impact the entire nation's seafood industry as well as the eco-system in the wetlands for years to come. This makes me sad but hopeful that this is not the case. My mother said she could smell tar in the air. That's not a good sign when it's 30 miles offshore.

My husband recently returned from a whirlwind, one-day, tour in preparation for the Congressional hearing today to investigate the facts on cause and result. I'm confident, if he's on the case, the facts will be revealed — if the uncontrollable, political game doesn't get in the way. This is a time when it shouldn't, but as we've all seen in the health care debate and legislation, it does.

As an artist, I look for beauty in destruction, for my philosophy is that I think it's always there, like good and evil existing. Two opposing quintessential aspects of life working simultaneously together. Here are some very artistic photos with a few documenting the event. All photo credits are in mouseovers. I was looking for just one that I saw in the paper and of course never found it (note to self clip out next time) but the last one is very close. This reminds me of how abstractly beautiful water can be.


You can see the oil both above the water and below at the point of origin in this photo (below).




Oil- Spill1_Daniel-Beltra_Reuters_WP





For some odd reason, this photo of the booms reminds me of rows tulips on Holland.


That rig is oh so subtle in the background and when I see pelicans I'm reminded of prehistoric, dinosaur days.






You've got to give credit to the entrepreneurial spirit. These New Orleans and Southern folk have found ways to create products that raise awareness with proceeds benefiting efforts to help in the clean up.

mignon-faget-pin. Photo Mignon Faget via Time Picayune

Mignon Faget redfish pin to raise awareness and

Nola Couture ties to benefit Greater New Orleans Foundation's Oil Spill Recovery Fund.

Nola couture ties. via Times Picayune

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