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An Ai Weiwei and Charleston Mural Update

Here’s an Ai Weiwei and Charleston Mural Update.

I wrote an Weighing in on Ai Weiwei post back in June 2014. I recently read that this controversial Chinese artist was randomly given his passport back after four years (600 days) when the Chinese government first took it away, basically leaving him captive in his own country and after he served jail time. He is still barred from posting anything on the Chinese Internet. However, all this didn’t stop him from creating thought-provoking, ‘pain in the Chinese government’s rear and side’ type of art through instructions he gave to his minions to follow and set up exhibitions in other countries. I have to give him kudos for getting around the situation. Now that he can travel, no telling what he’ll do…

First stop, London.

Ai Weiwei via Washington Post on Art Is EverywhereAlso, here’s a quick link update to the post about the interactive public art “Power” mural in Charleston, SC along with a picture of how the mural came out. The initial information is published in the Metry Gets Muralized post near the bottom.

Power Mural Update_Charelston Gazette Mail on Art Is Everywhere

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