The Wow of Wohr

When I first saw this parking garage design by Wohr Parking Systems, used under the  St. Istvan-Ter Cathedral’s Square, in Budapest, I was wowed alright. This is parking genius. They take what could be an everyday nightmare and find an innovative design solution. I can only imagine how much it costs. Check out this link to the Wohr Multiparker to see the short video of how it works. Be sure to check out their other projects while there.

Wohr1 as seen on Art Is Everywhere

This beautiful square was used as a surface parking lot

Wohr Multiparker as seen on Art Is Everywhere

but now, there is a compact & convenient system that puts them underneath

Wohr Multiparker parking garage design as seen on Art Is Everywhere blog

Cars come in....

Wohr Multiparker parking garage design as seen on Art Is Everywhere blog get stacked and stowed until the owner retrieves

Brilliant!  Notice that they do not mention any projects in the USA, but evidently, they have an American affiliate called SpaceSaver Parking Systems in Chicago. Their intro is an attention grabber…”Parking for the 21st Century and Beyond!”

SpaceSaver Parking Design, as seen on Art Is Everywhere blog

SpaceSaver Parking Design in Chicago

Here’s another interesting site that  my son Piers, the rising 4th year, civil engineering student told me about — where to see unusual things, places and design — where all types of unusual get exposed. Worthy of adding it to my blogroll. Here are just a few pics from posts on their home page.  Unusual Life covers the gamut. Even Shepard Fairey is profiled and I have another post coming up soon mentioning him again.

kettle house, uploade by BizarreRecords, seen on Unusual Life & Art Is Everywhere

Kettle house in Galveston, Tx, originally uploaded by BizarreRecords and seen on Unusual Life

Eco-wearable weedrobe by Nicole Dextras, fromUnusual Life. Seen on ArtIsEverywher

Nicole Dextras' “Weedrobes," made from live plant materials, as "Ephemeral Art Series" creates "eco-wearables." Posted on Unusual Life. (I might wear this one - beautiful and one of a kind - particularly as flowers fall while adorning.)

Dali-Mae. Posted on Unusual Life, and seen on Art Is Everywhere

Dali-Mae @ the Dalí Museum of Figueres. Posted on Unusual Life

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