Rice Field Follow Up

I’ve written about the artistic rice paddy fields in Japan before but this video explains the creative and engineering process of getting the images to sprout in the rice fields. What an innovative idea that not only brings this village community together by involving them in the process but brings tourism to their town.

Rice Paddy Art. Watch more top selected videos about: The Early Show (video disabled by CBS)
rice-paddy-art-design-layout. Photo via Let's Japan, seen on Art Is Everywhere

Rice Paddy Art & Design Layout. Courtesy Lets Japan.com

This is even more interesting to me now that my son Jackson has returned from Sewanee’s summer school and it’s official, he will be attending The University of the South in the fall. (I know, it’s kinda late in the game as his parents to know this but we’ve had a lot of practice at challenges with a teenager by now. It’s nice to see that now that he’s 18, he’s finally outgrowing the teenage angst. Fingers crossed.) He exceeded the minimal, pass requirement by making an A in Math and B+ in English, both with professors who my husband and I had when we attended Sewanee. Now he’s got one semester worth of credits for these subjects under his belt and he’ll be ahead starting the new year. This will be an interesting and somewhat surreal experience for us all, for Sewanee is not the same since we were there, and I wouldn’t expect it to be. For instance, we used to have to take five credits per semester, now students take four.  They now have common interest “communities” where students with similar interests are housed in one dorm location. Jackson informs us that he wants to take Japanese as his foreign language (not offered when we were there) with the hopes of even studying abroad in Japan. Maybe we’ll get to see these fields afterall.

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