Text Art

Text art or in this case, micrography, as I discovered on gawno.com, is art form created by words, which have been combined in such a way to form representational, figurative art. According to Wikipedia micrography literally means “small writing” and it was a Jewish art developed in the 9th century using small letters to form geometric or representational shapes and figures. Here are just a few featured from various sources, including advertisements on gawno.com, which has fantastic examples. I recall there is even a TV ad, I think for a diabetic monitor or a drug company that uses this art form. I remember it was one of the early art assignments that my art teacher gave me and I created a downhill skiier, because I was really into skiiing at the time. I wonder if I still have that…I thought it was really a cool concept to turn words into art. Now I can see it is a perfect way to combine graphic design and fine art.

martini-teaser via gawno.com as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Microraphy Martini ad. All photos courtesy gawno.com

les_jardins_de_colette_bench7840-550x722. Photo via gawno.com, on Art Is Everywhere

bmw_country4873-550x388 via gawno.com as seen on Art Is Everywhere

hsbc_systematic_investment_plan_car3227-550x496 via gawno.com, on Art Is Everywhereyazigi_language_school_drawer5754-550x389 via gawno.com, seen on Art Is Everywhere

popart_reagan-550x686 via gawno.com, seen on Art Is Everywhere

einstein-550x662 via gawno.com on Art Is Everywhere

john_lennon_in_type_by_dencii-550x417 via gawno.com seen on Art Is Everywhere

martin_luther_king_jr__in_type_by_dencii-550x412 via gawno.com

Here’s one that I wrote about in my Musical Art Words post some time ago:

Thom York_Radiohead by steve-yee on Art Is Everywhere

Thom York of Radiohead by Steve Yee for the 2009 Grammy's

But since I’ve posted so many songs by Radio head, I’ll switch to Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters to Kick-Start the weekend, just for fun. But first, a timely typographic video I discovered from TrendHunter using a new type of film technology and an iPad = iPad light painting:

Making Future Magic: iPad light painting from Dentsu London on Vimeo.

grohl_type_by_caliburlesssoul-550x412 via gawno.com, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

The Pretender by the Foo Fighters I find is a great driving song to scream to (with the windows up, of course) and when you’re stuck in traffic, it helps to get out the frustration.

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