Murals that Teach

Finding murals that teach something and last long beyond their time, literally that is, with vines that are meant to grow on top is a very admirable thing. I was first taken with this picture for a mural with components that can be removed. Then, I was even more struck by how this mural in Windsor, Canada is part of an ongoing program with federal grant money and help from local artists to help train the unemployed or underemployed who have artistic aspirations.

Windsor_Mural via Windsor Star on Art Is Everywhere blog

Windsor "training" mural via Windsor Star, in Windsor, Canada

Other murals that teach are murals that students see and therefore live with every day. I discovered these murals quite by accident and found their location coincidental with the timing of my most recent Milwaukee artists posts. These murals at Woodrow Wilson High School in Milwaukee got a lot of flack from the commentators but I actually like the brilliance of the colors and the perspective that gives a surreal feel of walking into a vortex. Everything about the  composition of the murals leads you to the entrance, so I think it works visually, even if it is over the top in its depiction.

Woodrow Wilson Murals via JSOnline on Art Is Everyhwere

Woodrow Wilson Murals via JSOnline

This link explains the symbolism seen in this mural with hyperlinks to explain each section. The information pertaining to the mural and the artists, Gilbert Wilson and Don Hadley, was compiled by Linda Hill, the art teacher at the school.

Here are more ‘historical” murals that teach in the Terra Haute area by Milwaukee artist Schomer Lichtner commissioned by the WPA (Works Progress Administration).

28007169_Lichtner mural via JSOnline

Lichtner mural via JSOnline

I came across a couple of cool websites: Lets Colour Project, which introduced me to Mural Locator, a site that locates murals in whatever city, around the world, in which you ask it to find. You can also upload photos to increase their database and improve their search capabilities for mural enthusiates. There are no murals listed for Alexandria, VA and I know that’s not true, so I better get busy submitting them. You might want to as well for your city. New Orleans has way more than one, for instance. Let’s help them out.  I’m adding this site to my blogroll. I have posted about Let’s Colour Project before and the great things they are doing but was unaware of the Mural Locator. What a happy find!

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