Philadelphia and Murals 2

After last Monday’s post, which gives a little background and reference to the public art murals in Philadelphia, here are some of the pictures we took of our trip. What makes these unique is that they are taken at night. Some of the murals are paired with other photos from complementary blog postings regarding particular murals. This is the order in which we saw them on our self-directed tour. Here’s our map. The green area is area where we were staying and saw the murals below as indicated by the blue numbers on the map.

Philly-trip_Mural-map on Art Is Everywhere

Philly trip Mural-map and tour near Broad Street

Progress for Women_Cesar Viveros_ArtIsEverywhere

1 Progress for Women by Cesar Viveros.                                              1235 Locust St.  Photo by C. Ashley Spencer

Here it is during the day on A Big Guy in a Big City Blog.

2CarParkMural_hideyourarms:bigguybigcity on Art Is Everywhere blog

Same Car Park Mural above via Big Guy Big City blog

ProgressforWomenBefore_Photo_Deitrich Adonis_Mural Database, Art is Everywhere

Before Progress for Women mural. Photo by Deitrich Adonis from Mural Database

Progress Mural in progress. Photo by Dietrich Adonis_ Mural Database, on AIE

Progress Mural in progress. Photo by Dietrich Adonis via Mural Database

You can see what a difference a mural makes.

Philadelphia Muses by Meg Fish Saligman_Art Is Everywhere

2 Philadelphia Muses by Meg Fish Saligman. 1307 Locust Street. Photo by C. Ashley Spencer

3_Michael Webb_Private mural_ArtIsEverywhere

3 Private Mural by Michael Webb. 12th & Walnut. Photo by C. Ashley Spencer

Famous Franks by David McShane_ ArtIsEverywhere

4 Famous Franks by David McShane. 13th & Pine. Photo by C. Ashley Spencer

Spring_by David-Guinn_ArtIsEverywhere

5 Spring mural by David Guinn. 1315 Pine Street.                     Photo by C. Ashley Spencer

Guinn_detail1 on Art Is Everywhere

Pixelated Detail in Guinn’s mural. Photo by C. Ashley Spencer

Credit Detail in Guinn's mural. Photo by C. Ashley Spencer, on Art Is Everywhere

Credit Detail in Guinn’s mural. Photo by C. Ashley Spencer

My son Jackson and I really liked this one by David Guinn because of its pixelated nature and maybe because I recognized his style from the Autumn version that I previously posted on my Summer into Fall blog post.

Autumn mural by David Quinn as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Autumn mural by David Quinn, courtesy npr

Here’s another one of Guinn’s murals as seen on’s Philadelphia Murals post.

Winter_Mural by David Guinn via, seen on Art Is Everwhere

Crystal Snowscape mural by David Guinn via

We were surprised by the intricate, exuberant nature of this Theatre of Life Mural painted by Meg Saligman that just happened to be located next to a  Subway shop. This strange juxtaposition of over-the-top richness with an everyday eatery made this mural all the more charming even though it almost didn’t appear to fit the location. Then we noticed the three dimensional character of one of the figure’s dress that seemed to be perfectly situated under the bright Subway lights that not only lit it perfectly but appeared to be pointing in that direction. That’s pretty perfect strategic placement. This mural also had beautiful glass mosaic segments throughout the composition.

Theatre of Life_Meg-Saligman on ArtIsEverywhere

6 Theatre of Life mural by MegSaligman. Broad & Lombard. Photo by C. Ashley Spencer

Meg-Saligman_Detail1 on Art Is Everywhere

Theatre of Life Detail. Photo by C Ashley Spencer

Theatre of Life Credit_ArtIsEverywhere

Theatre of Life mural Credit. Photo by C. Ashley Spencer

Gimme Shelter_Guinn_ArtIsEverywhere

7 Gimme Shelter by David Guinn. 1236 Lombard St. Photo by C. Ashley Spencer

We saw this next one of pets on our tour but since it was dark, we didn’t realize it was Guinn’s because we couldn’t see the pixelation. He has quite a range of themes.

Mural before via Mural Database on Art Is Everywhere

Mural before via Mural Database. Photo unknown

Gimme-Shelter via Mural Database on Art Is Everywhere

Gimme-Shelter via Mural Database. Photo by Jack Ramsdale

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