Hyperbolic Hyperbole not to be Gridironed

This is the second part of a previous post from when I went exhibit hopping while my son was in town over Winter Break. Since spring is officially here (thank goodness), it’s nearly overdue for posting.

Piers and I went to see the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef Exhibit at The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, on view until April 24th. I was surprised how much Piers enjoyed it. It must have been the mathematical nature of it that struck his interest. It was pretty fascinating that all of the forms had been crocheted to represent a pretty accurate coral reef. The reason it is called hyperbolic is because it represents a  geometric form that cannot be replicated by a formula. Since many sea life forms, such as coral, represent this geometry, which maximizes surface area in a limited volume, it was technological feat to combine this math with art to represent what occurs in Nature. The entire coral reef was composed of individual crocheted elements by individual crocheters worldwide and assembled for the first time in this exhibit. I last wrote about wanting to see this last fall, so I was glad we had an opportunity to do so. Here are some of the pictures that we took.

A1_hyperbolic-coral_Art is Everywhere

Hypberbolic Coral Reef Exhibit. Photo by Piers Spencer

It was pretty amazing that the coral looked so real made out of yarn and in some cases was made with unusual materials, such as wire, confetti, bottle caps, metallic ribbon and plastic bags, etc.

2_hyperbolic-coral_Art Is Everywhere

Hyperbolic Crotcheted Coral. Photo by Piers Spencer

3A-3_hyperbolic-coral_Art Is Everywhere

Hyperbolic-coral. Photo by Piers Spencer

Other fun family activities. Piers was in town recently with his girlfriend and we all went to dinner at PS7 in DC. We almost didn’t make it because of the major hullabaloo caused by President Obama attending his first Gridiron dinner, which made almost impossible to get a parking spot because many of the streets were closed off, including the one where our restaurant was located. We finally made it and it was well worth the effort, even with a $25 parking ticket waiting for us when we returned to our car. The combinations of foods were so unusual and I’ve never had venison that tasted so divine. The deserts were also exceptional and the unexpected finish with little squares of strawberry and peanut butter flavored turkish delight made for a surprising P&B twist when eaten together. Piers thought it was one of the better meals he’s had. Just download these menus to see for yourself how artistically creative food can be. Modern, Eclectic, Innovative are all words I relate to and would use to describe this dining experience perfectly.

PS7 as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Since my husband and I went spontaneously dancing this past weekend at the Black Cat’s 80’s Flashback Night to blow off steam from a hefty few weeks of work that never stopped on the weekend, I thought playing a quintessential 80’s songs would be appropriate for Kick Starting the Weekend. This is  just one of the many that these youngster DJ’s didn’t deem significant enough to play — probably because they didn’t know what was really popular in the 80’s; although, they did have the hairdo, which was so ridiculous — even for back then. Only Boy George could have pulled it off.

Right Round by Dead or Alive:

Here’s a newer cover by FLO Rida and it’s not bad, but you have to give the credit to the original source.

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