Reverse Graffiti Murals

If you like to clean grime from old city walls, you too can create “reverse graffiti” murals as coined by the street artist Paul Moose Curtis, the self=proclaimed “professor of dirt.” Of course you have to have the artistic vision and it doesn’t hurt to have talent. He creates huge (140 feet or so) mural templates or indigenous plants areĀ  first that are cut out with jigsaws, then placed over a dirty wall and blasted clean through the openings, which leaves a magical image among the grimy backdrop. You just may get in trouble with the authorities for doing it, however, as he’s been arrested for his beautiful artwork.

1Reverse graffiti mural via smartplanet as seen on Art is Everywhere

Reverse graffiti mural by Paul "Moose" Curtis via SmartPlanet

Here’s an interesting video that explains the artist’s creative process for the “Reverse Graffiti Project” that SmartPlanet includes with their post on this subject. I like the music.

He mentions that his murals give the realization that the world is just a dirty place but then he couldn’t create his murals as he does without the dirt. Unlike the Alexandre Farto who sandblasts his murals into walls, these murals are only permanent by how clean they stay.

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