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In Praise of Some Women in Brazil

With the Summer Olympics coming and the warning alert to women traveling to the area due to the Zika virus, it is worth praising some women in Brazil who are already there.

I recently discovered these murals in my list of saves and coincidentally they happen to be by Fin DAC, the artist featured in my previous post, and Christina Angelina, who also paints beautiful street portraits of women.

Christina Angelina_street portrait muralist_AIEThese female portraits were painted in San Paolo, Brazil — only about 5 hours away from Rio de Janeiro.

South America Map_ Brazil_AIEThe images below were first published in the Huffington Post in February 2014.

FinDAC_Christina Angelina 1_on Art Is Everywhere
The finished “Splash” mural painted by FinDAC & Christina Angelina with women in Brazil Portraits

Here are some images of the murals in progress.

FinDAC_Christina Angelina_women in Brazil 2_AIEFinDAC_Christina Angelina_women in Brazil 3_AIEFinDAC_Christina Angelina_women in Brazil 7_AIEFinDAC_Christina Angelina_women in Brazil 5_AIEFinDAC_Christina Angelina women in Brazil 4_AIEFinDAC_Christina Angelina_women in Brazil 6_AIEFinDAC_Christina Angelina_women in Brazil 8_AIEThis is not the first time Fin DAC and Christina Angelina have collaborated.

Christina Angelina_FinDAC 2_AIE
The Bandeirantes is Another mural collaboration in Brazil
Christina Angelina_FinDAC 1_AIE
Other joint mural projects in the US. Images via Christina Angelina

Christina Angelina_FinDAC 5_AIEThey have a thing for snakes too, serpents and angels…

Christina Angelina_FinDAC 6_AIEChristina Angelina_FinDAC 7_AIEChristina Angelina_FiinDAC 3_AIEChristina Angelina_FinDAC 4_AIE


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