A Newly Discovered, Egyptian Archeological Wonder

Ancient Egyptian murals were recently discovered near Luxor during the archeological mapping of Sheik Abd Qurna, which is a courtyard known as Theban Tomb 110.

Egyptian Murals on Art Is Everywhere

Egyptian tomb photos via i09.com

Egyptian Mural Detail on Art Is EverywhereThe murals are 3,500 years old and in spectacular condition, except for the sad fact that they have already been subjected to some vandalism.

Egyptian Murals on Art Is EverywhereOn a side note, when I saw members of ISIS (ironic to me that the acronym is also an Egyptian Goddess) destroying ancient artifacts recently, it just sickened me. I don’t know why anyone would want to destroy art, especially that which documents culture and is an antiquity. When you see it happen, as they are systematically doing, you can only conclude that they want to wipe out all existence of humanity (past and present) which would even include their own history. Upsetting, strange and incomprehensible.

There really isn’t a lot of space to work or even stand but the decoration covers every corner, including the ceiling, which is fantastic!

Egyptian Murals on Art Is EverywhereLook at the entrance. Hard to believe it was even discovered, it could be easily overlooked.

Egyptian Mural Tomb Entrance on Art Is EverywhereEgyptian Murals on Art Is Everywhere

Not only is the full story on these newly discovered Egyptian murals and more pictures worth viewing on io9.com but the comments are hysterically funny, from arguing about the figures’ skin tones to adding in the Alien Creature where a vandalized section seemed to “take out” one of the figures, to my favorite, King Tut — Steve Martin’s portrayal.

Egyptian Murals_ Wardrobe malfunction Comment_on Art Is EverywhereEgyptian Murals_ Same Dress Comment_on Art Is EverywhereEgyptian Murals_ Persona non grata comment_on Art Is EverywhereEgyptian Murals_ Alen Comment_on Art Is EverywhereSteve Martin King Tut on Art is Everywhere

What to do now with all those deflated footballs?

Now that the Superbowl is over, although the mystery of the deflated footballs that lead the New England Patriots to this point still lingers, what’s going to happen with all those deflated footballs? Don’t think they are reusable?

Here are just a few ideas for football oriented art and projects — something to ponder.

You need a lot more than 11 footballs to make this wonderful sculpture. Even though it’s made with the non-American football — soccer balls — but it’s certainly worth pondering:

Ballman by Ratcliffe Fowler Design is a giant sculpture made with 3,000 footballs displayed in the atrium of the Cariton Centre shopping mall in downtown Johannesburg, South Africa commissioned by Nike.

FIFA sculpture on AIEFIFA sculpture 2 on AIEYou can always make cupcakes!

football cupcakes on Art Is EverywhereOf course if you’re looking for a functional purpose for footballs, you can certainly follow these examples with tennis balls.

Tennis balls 1 on Art Is Everywhere Tennis balls2 on Art Is Everywhere

Au Courant Art News in Italy

This news came to me by surprise. I was looking for a post and found it in The Local,

an online pop news-paper that gives the latest Italian stories. Uncanny that they so many appear to be art oriented.

You can see news about a Rome Street Artist Painting in New York to The Island Carpenter with the Pope’s Blessing to a Spaniard Strips in Front of a Botticelli Masterpiece all among other sensational, Star-like posts about How to Park Like an Italian or Why Italy Might Not Exist in 5 Years to even The Mafia Has Infiltrated Every Sector in Germany.

What struck me was even though most of these captions grabbed my attention, as if I were reading them while waiting in the grocery line and even though I knew they were teasers, I was pleasantly pleased to see so many art related posts among them.

I may even put The Local in my sidebar. Heck there are also other versions from other countries to check out. It’s nice to see what’s going on in Italy, my favorite country, and written in English.

This online journal seems to have a little bit for everybody.

The Local - Italy Art News on Art Is Everhwhere

A Highly Addictive Video is Interactive

What do you do when you’re late to post while snowed in? You click on ads while web-researching, especially one that shows a tropical cruise. This highly addictive video from Heineken is one of the most clever, interactive videos you’ll see. Warning: You may spend a lot of time playing The Odyssey but heck, if you’re snowed in, you might have plenty of time to spare. šŸ˜‰

Be sure to click on the casting calls. They don’t take you away from the video — only momentarily — to add to it. The videography, film, acting, script, etc., all unexpected finds as art is everywhere and all around us — just a daily click away. In a word, delightful.

Celebrating the New Year

In conjunction with celebrating Christmas, there is the clean up — clean up of all the gifts. In my case, where to put them and simplify — but also cleaning up for the upcoming New Year. This means getting your house in order, getting your life organized, formulating and sticking to a plan.

This Roomba Light Art made me laugh because yes, a Roomba was on my wish list as a luxury gift so I wouldn’t have to vacuum but to capture it’s path with color puts an artistic spin on the device and makes cleaning-up more fun.

Roomba-LED-Light-Art-MikeBala_via Habitat, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Roomba-LED-Light-Art-IBRoomba-_via Habitat, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Now that your house is clean and colorful, you can celebrate the New Year. This is for that stroke of midnight kiss with the one you love — to kiss the old year goodbye and reign in a new, hopefully better one. This mural by Eduardo Kobra is a colorful twist on the classic photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt.

Kobra1_via ACN, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Kobra1_via ACN,  as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Kobra1_via ACN, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Happy New Year!!

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