Joaquin, Joaquin, where are you? I think you’re one of the most talented contemporary actors out there; however, this interview with David Letterman says it all. I’m hesitant to post it because I don’t want it to detract from your acting ability — maybe you’re just doing a good job of that here. Here’s the feed from the Los Angeles Times.

It will be interesting to see Joaquin Phoenix’s final swan song movie, Two Lovers, but maybe more interesting to hear the music to come. Oh and by the way, that Farrah Fawcett interview Dave refers to was 10 times more bizarre and she wasn’t acting.

One unrelated side note: Feb 20th is the anniversary of Ansel Adams’ birthday. Mine was celebrated yesterday.

A couple exhibits

Happy Halloween!

After all the hubbub is over, here are a couple of fall art exhibits worth visiting:

1) Pompeii and the Roman Villa, National Gallery of Art, through March 22, 2009

Pompeii and the Roman Villa, National Gallery of Art

Here are two background stories in the Washington Post, worth reading: Day of Wrath and coincidentally on the same day, Villas Come Alive 2,000 Years After Vesuvius (in the Travel Section). I have always liked the frescoes at Stabiae. I am bewildered how they survived the destruction at Pompeii. The recreation of the Villa San Marco is just incredible. Makes me want to go visit NOW. Well, that’s a fantasy but it’s on my list. Italy is one of my favorite countries so I’m always looking for an excuse to get back there.

Frescoes at Stabiae/ National Museum of Archaeology

2) Georgia O’Keefe and Ansel Adams: Natural Affinities, Smithsonian American Art Museum, through January 4, 2009. I thought this was a very cool premise for an exhibit. I had never thought to really compare these two artists before but these pictures make the argument. I really like their work:

Ansel Adams\' Chapel Near Hernandex, New Mexico, David H. Arrington Collections/ Ansel Adams Trust

Georgia O\'Keefe, Chapel in New Mexico, Georgia O\'Keefe Museum

The comparison of these two artists reminds me of the exhibit I saw in 2006 in Holland comparing Caravaggio and Rembrandt’s work — very different styles but similar subjects.

There is also a play associated with this exhibit, called A Brush with Georgia O’Keefe. It actually looks pretty darn interesting but I bet it’s sold out. Natalie Mosco, the actress playing Georgia O’Keefe looks incredibly similar to the artist.

A Brush with Georgia O\'Keefe. Photo by Katvan Studios

Just to add some humor to uplift a wacky week, here are 7 Things Never to Say in an Art Gallery. Now, I would actually never say this for the artwork above, but after this week, ya just gotta laugh:

1. “How long do I have to look at this thing before the secret message emerges?”
2. “Interesting, interesting. It’s a skosh Pollocky, with a Jasper Johnsy aftertaste.”
3. “How much for just the frame?”
4. “My nephew does similar work. He’s two.”
5. “Does that mean I can pay in conceptual dollars?”
6. “I shot Andy Warhol. No, seriously.”
7. “Do you have this in a medium?”