Royal Murals

Maybe you’ve heard that Prince William and Kate Middleton were married last Friday? You may be in a cave if you haven’t but you might not know that that there are new portrait murals in Australia of the now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, made with bricks. Yes, they are getting the royal treatment alright. The company that created these murals, AustralBricks, is also the same one that did the Oprah mural.


William-and-Kate-brick-murals via Wall Street Journal on Art is Everywhere
William and Kate brick murals via Wall Street Journal

There is a new mural of the lovely couple slated for the lower east side of Manhatten by street artist, Antonio “Chico” Garcia. Not sure if they’ll be so enamored by this, but they’re now in the public spotlight whether they like it or not. Maybe when they come to America, they’ll take a drive-by look?

Royal Wedding - on Art Is Everywhere

This photo, by Peter Macdiarmid or Getty Images, cracks me up, btw. The bridesmaid on the left says it all.

Actually, the wedding was beautiful as was the bride — very traditional yet modern by wearing her hair down. She did look very graceful and stately, reminding me of Grace Kelly’s elegance yet, you could tell she was nervous during the ceremony. She and her husband seemed relieved and relaxed afterwards, while on the balcony during this long-awaited public kiss.

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