Happy Easter Season

Happy Easter!

This is a belated posting because I’m under the weather, slow to clean up, and still reeling from the exhaustion of completing a project deadline for a new product line that I’ll unveil shortly in a future post.

In the meantime, it’s so good to say “Spring is here and this is the time for renewal!” This is one of my favorite holidays because we celebrate it with an annual potluck brunch with family and friends. After 20 years of hosting this gathering, this was the first year without our boys present. It was a bit bittersweet and noticed in their absence to help us dye eggs, decorate and make our standard recipes: corn bread pudding, glazed ham, shepherd’s pie and Easter basket cake. Even though this is work it’s also the tradition in the doing that binds us together as a family. Although we missed them, it made us realize that they are starting fresh to form their own traditions — all a part of growing up, moving on and the circle of life continuing…Our visits with friends were all the more enjoyable and we were honored that some of our friends’ children considered this part of their tradition and wanted to attend. We can’t disappoint now, even though our kids are out of the house. I guess we’ll have to continue the party…Not hard for New Orleans girl.

Easter Flowers and Treasured Eggs

I was able to use my artistic, anniversary vase for our Easter flowers, as well as our treasured dyed Easter eggs that have survived our boys’ childhood days and many Easter parties for about 15 years or more. The hand painted Easter Eggs that we hang from our chandelier (instead of a tree) are so intricate in detail and delicately fragile. The most exquisite art takes time and patience and although however small in the production, brings the most memorable and appreciated pleasure.