A White House Traditional Christmas

We were lucky to get tickets through a good friend to viisit the White House at Christmas time. Most of these East Wing Rooms are available to the public for viewing.

White House Gardens from inside on AIE

White House Gardens from inside

White Tree Walkway_AIE

White Tree Walkway

The East Wing Movie Theater_AIE

The East Wing Movie Theater

Viewing Past Presidential Christmas Cards_AIE

Viewing Past Presidential Christmas Cards

Favorite White House Christmas Card_AIE

This one is my favorite because it was so unusual

The Library and Book Tree_AIE

The Library and Book Tree

The Vermeil Room_AIE

The Vermeil Room

The China Room_AIE

The China Room

The East Room_AIE

The East Room

Beautiful Italianate Nativity Scene_AIE

Beautiful Italianate Nativity Scene

Detailed Molding_AIE

Detailed Molding

Famous Portraits George Washington by Gilbert Stuart and Teddy Roosevelt_AIE

Famous Portraits George Washington by Gilbert Stuart and Teddy Roosevelt

Glimpse into The Green Room_AIE

Glimpse into The Green Room

The Green Room_AIE

The Green Room

White House Window Silhouette Detail_AIE

White House Window Silhouette Detail

Another Green Room View_AIE

Another Green Room View

The Blue Room_AIE

The Blue Room

The Red Room_AIE

The Red Room

The Candy Table in the Red Room_AIE

The Candy Table in the Red Room

Red Room Detail_AIE

Red Room Detail

Another Red Room View_AIE

Another Red Room View

State Dining Room_AIE

State Dining Room

The White House Gingerbread House_AIE

The White House Gingerbread House

The State Room Details_AIE

The State Room Details

Full State Room_AIE

Full State Room

Ornate Ceiling and Detailed Molding_AIE

Ornate Ceiling & Detailed Molding

Pensive JFK Portrait_AIE

Pensive JFK Portrait

Gorgeous Mahogany Doors_AIE

Gorgeous Mahogany Doors

Reagan's Portrait directly across from JFK's_AIE

Reagan’s Portrait directly across from JFK’s

The Grand Foyer_AIE

The Grand Foyer

Frosted Trees in the Grand Foyer_AIE

Frosted Trees in the Grand Foyer

View through to the Nativity Scene_AIE

View through to the Nativity Scene

Our Group under the Presidential Seal_AIE

Our Group under the Presidential Seal

Piano Player in the corner_AIE

The piano player in the corner’s music filled the hall

Stairs to the residential quarters_AIE

Stairs to the residential quarters

Grand Exit from the White House_AIE

Grand Exit

Our Flag Flies on top of The White House_AIE

Our Flag Flies on top

Click here to view behind the scene images from The White House.

Along with the tour came a wonderfully illustrated guidebook by Jim Starr, who I was grateful they gave credit to. The illustrations show The President and First Lady’s son Barron being delited by all the festive deorations and heading up the residential staircase at the end. Included in the booklet is a recipe for Peppermint Bark and craft instructions for how to make your own silhouette.

Illustrated Guide_AIE

Illustrated Guide

Barron depicted_AIE

Barron depicted

It is truly a beautiful White House Christmas display with time-honored traditions that definitely puts you in the Christmas spirit.

We purchased two ornaments to help preserve the memories of this special holiday event.

Presidential 2017 Ornament_AIE

Presidential 2017 Ornament

Exclusive ornament that you can only purchase at The White House_AIE

Exclusive ornament that you can only purchase at The White House

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and all the joy of this holiday season.

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