Well, I missed the fish floundering at the Koi sell-off at the National Arboretum. I would have been there had I owned a backyard pond, like I always wanted. I love these koi and absolutely had no idea that collecting and selling them due to overcrowding was an annual event. They even caught "Big Mama" one of the oldest and largest, three feet long. That must have been that shark-like fish, as the wave rolled by, that scared you from getting too close to the edge. Here's my previous post on the koi and Reflection on the Arboretum, one of my favorite places I think these koi can be quite colorful (from a picture I took a while ago:

The colorful ripples in the water remind me of a site I came across within one of my Interior Design Linkedin groups called Angela Cameron/Fine Art for interior spaces.


I'm partial to green and blue myself so liked this one in the Artistic series:

water-abstract-191-copyright by angela-cameron

And this one reminded me of a photo I took while visiting Block Island, RI during one of our summer, family vacations:

NOTE: Fortunately, I had written this post before my latest blog problems first mentioned in my last post. I wanted to upload a family photo here but I cannot. I'm still having problems posting photos. At least I can write and edit posts with a better editing program that I uploaded (another 4 hours)  but I'm still working to get my image uploader fixed. UGH!.

And here's Angela Cameron's Zen take on lily pads:



We took a trek to Charlottesville, VA to visit our son Piers, who as president of his fraternity at UVA and was hosting parents during an Open House. We arrived just in time to hear him give his speech. He did a great job with a commanding performance. I was very proud of him for what he has already accomplished. I’m starting to see him as the adult he is and it’s a fulfilling moment in a parent’s life. It brings a whole other dynamic to the relationship.

We were able to spend a lot of time with him for late lunch before dinner at the popular Downtown Grille restaurant, where we had eaten before — good, although overpriced for the quality. We had great conversations and really appreciated him taking so much time out of his day that he could have easily spent with his friends doing other activities or getting pressing engineering homework out of the way.

We toured the Downtown Mall and ran across the talented artist Sam Welty, who had just completed his portrait of Lilly on the chalk “wall” that encourages public scribblings. His stood out and we asked if we could take his picture with his subject.

Sam Welty\'s Lily Portrait. Photo by Piers Spencer. ArtisEverywhere blog

Sam Welty with Lily & his chalk portrait. Photo by Piers Spencer

This Golden Blue marlin is only some of Sam’s other mural work, but since it’s on his card and I like fish, here it is. Be sure to check out his website and see his patriotic mural, Celebration of America’s Heroes, that he painted on a 60 x 180 foot wall in Virginia Beach as a tribute to America’s military after 9/11.

golden-blue-marlin-painted-by-sam-welty. ArtIsEverywhere blog

There are a lot of artistic things to see at the pedestrian mall like statuettes, musicians playing music and this colorful and functional mosaic chair.

Musician plays in Charlottesville. Photo by Ashley Spencer. ArtIsEverywhere

Mosaic Chair in Charlottesville. Photo by Peter Spencer. ArtisEverywhere

Mosaic Chair in Charlottesville. Photo by Piers Spencer. ArtisEverywhere

Ending the week with a political bent, hopefully not a tirade, here’s a powerful music video by Cam Edwards set to the song I’ve got Reps Who Don’t Represent Me. This is a great cover of the Killers All the Things That I’ve Done. This is a good way to release some of the anger over the past week and Kick-Start your weekend.

On another note, today is Good Friday, a somber and reflective day for Easter to come. Here are my Cherry Blossom Flowers for this anniversary. As I look up to see the heavenly blue sky in the background….Here’s to you!

Cherry Blossom Details. Photo by C. Ashley Spencer. Art Is Everywhere

Cherry Blossoms. Photo by C. Ashley Spencer. Art Is Everywhere

Another bright spot that I forgot to mention is that my nephew, John, was born on this same day.

Coincidentally, I just posted on Cherry Blossoms and Inspirational Florals on the casartblog.

Happy Easter!