The Perfect Expanding Apartment

What do Legos, boats and Japan have in common? Yes, it’s a riddle that will make sense when you see the video in this post.

I wasn’t expecting to find my blog post this week in my new subscription to ASID‘s (American Society of Interior Designers) Eye on Design Newsletter. (As a new member I receive this subscription that is jam-packed with interesting information that I never have enough time to read.) I’m glad I read this one.

My oldest son, Piers, is graduating from college this Sunday with a BS in Engineering. Hard to believe that this moment seems “all of a sudden” here. That’s a post for next week, however. He’s now a grown-up, civil engineer and I attribute his path to this point in time to Legos. Yes, thank you Lego®!

Reflecting back on his childhood, he’s always had a knack for building complicated structures without the instructions, so I wasn’t surprised that he chose engineering as his professional career path. Legos just enhanced his natural math ability, as to which I’m not so inclined.

I’m choosing this topic as a tribute to Piers. I think he would be fascinated, as am I with this incredible, invisible yet expanding apartment, especially since he is looking for his first apartment. And here’s the answer to the riddle = a 258 sf roof-top apartment in Barcelona that is inspired by boats, where everything is concealed behind compartments; Legos, because whatever you use, you have to build or in this case pull out, and Japan – the culture of Zen-like simplicity.

I rarely use overblown exaggerations but I really do love this concept. I have a passion for functionality, organization and practical solutions. (Maybe that’s my artistic engineering sense — without the math.) I’ve always admired changing furniture that can serve multiple purposes and Casart coverings – repositionable, removable and reusable wallcovering – of course. There is truly an art to designing such a space and how to maximize its functionality and I call it ingenious. Enjoy!

Hard to find music for such a momentous occasion as a graduation and an incredible transformation. How about simply, “Where It’s At” by Beck to Kick Start the Weekend.