Some Church Art

Happy Boxing Day! Being the Friday after Christmas, I thought these mentions of church art were worth mentioning.

St. Peter’s Chanel Church in Roswell, GA is newly constructed and this news story shows the process for how the many stars were painted on the ceiling to replicate the look of early Renaissance fresco techniques. I find it interesting that they used multiple glazes and a colorwash technique to create the blue canopy and metallic paint instead of gilding those stars. This makes the process easier and the outcome just as beautiful.

Artist paints  5,000 stars on ceiling of St. Peter\'s Chanel Church. Georgia Bulletin

This blue reminds me of my favorite place, The Scrovegni Chapel, painted by Giotto in Padua, Italy.

Scrovegni Chapel. Photo credit unknown

This is also a beautiful sanctuary below in St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New Orleans.

St. Patrick\'s Cathedral in New Orleans. Save Our Lady of Lourdes blog