Manhattan Transfer

I’m still in New York for business so no big post, but something to appropriately Kick-Start the Weekend with The Manhattan Transfer (and it kinda goes with the dress up theme of Halloween). I’ve always liked The Manhattan Transfer’s vocals and jazzy content. This video was originally recorded in 1991. I like the drawings:

The Manhattan Transfer – The Offbeat Of Avenues (Official Music Video)For more of the funniest videos, click here

If you’re looking for something fun and adult to do for Halloween, check out the Torpedo Factory’s annual bash and Ofrenda, Art for the Dead exhibit — a bit offbeat, if you dare.

Happy Halloween! I don’t even have my pumpkins out yet, maybe that will give the kids a clue :0.


We finally got our pumpkins but I hope we’ll have a chance to carve them before Halloween. Here are some excellent, “crafty” ideas for you artistes out there:

1) Enchanted Cottage shows clever photo and painted pumpkins. I thought this was an great idea if you don’t have time to carve. I might just use it this year.

2) Fantasy Pumpkins from Hallmark Magazine shows how you can really get into the decorating. I’m sure Martha has some too, but way more patience is required than I have right now.

Fantasy pumpkins from Hallmark Magazine

I’ll post more if I see them and closer to the time of Halloween for those last minute procrastinators, unlike me usually, but what I’ve had to resort to this year.

In the meantime, if you want to see an extra cool website that will get you in the haunted Halloween frame of mind, here’s the link to Chip Boles’ Illustrations. I think his illustrations are very innovative but, I am really fascinated by his website — one of the more unique ones I’ve seen. His work reminds me of another great illustrator, Jan Pienkowski and his Haunted House — pop-up books, which I adore. (Maybe this is another reason why I like Pushing Daisies so much?) I used to read this book to my boys so I’ve held onto for at least 15 years since it survived them both and my oldest is 20.