Eco Friendly Furniture

Every now and then, I’m struck by something different when doing an everyday activity. I discovered PIE Studio through one of my Linkedin groups’ discussions, where we were all introducing ourselves. I clicked on the link and was pleasantly taken by surprise. It happened to be Earth Day, so the index to PIE’s (Product Import Export) site was very appropriate and I thought clever, and even humorous.

earth-day-text on Pie website

This persuaded me to peruse their site. I was intrigued by what I found. Some of their furniture made from waterhyacynth, rattan, lian, bamboo, synthetic, aluminum, steel and even vinyl got my attention. Bannavis Andrew Sribyatta is the brainchild behind the designs. He’s based in Miami. With extensive experience in design and the credentials. His philosophy is “to explore the ultimate concept of “Living Space” in relation to the complexity of nature.”

They’ve even done projects for Nobu in Los Angeles and their designs are in the Cooper Hewitt Museum — all one of a kind and signed pieces. Very cool, custom and artistic.

So cool that I did an interactive styleboard with their products and Casart coverings backgrounds to post on Slipcovers for you Walls blog.

Here’s one, pairing our faux Satinwood wallcovering with two different styles of PIE chairs and mixing natural textures with contemporary styling.

Eco Friendly...
Eco Friendly… by i4design

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Trash to Treasure

The inspiration for this Trash to Treasure post came by way of email and I wish there was a credit, as the pictures are fabulous! The original email mentioned that the origami artist, Won Park, who I wrote about in my last post, was supposed to also live in this truck. He does not.  This truck is more a demonstration of design genius rather than art, but again, design and art are related.

You would never think this vehicle is any more than just a typical, everyday trash truck from the outside, but what a treasure on the inside.

I thought it was perfect to post because I’m sorting through stuff and trying to purge garbage in the new year. Folks typically make resolutions, mine is usually to clean clutter. I not only wish I had a garbage truck this nice but one to haul it all a way and for someone else to deal with it. Wow, what a transformation! There is no room for clutter in this space. It would force me to live simply and be even more organized. I get giddy over containers and everything having a purposeful place. Although I’ve learned to lose that sense of perfection over the ages, I’ll be dreaming about those kitchen drawers. They are fantastic!

Garbage truck. Photo credit unknown

Incredible Garbage Truck inside. Photo credit unknown

Garbage Truck inside, upstairs. Photo credit unknownGarbage Truck computer station. Photo credit unknown

Garbage Truck, kitchen 1. ArtIsEverywhere. Photo credit unknown

Garbage Truck, kitchen 2. ArtIsEverywhere. Photo credit unknown

Garbage Truck, kitchen 3. ArtIsEverywhere. Photo credit unknown

Garbage Truck, kitchen 4. ArtIsEverywhere. Photo credit unknown

Garbage Truck back. ArtIsEverywhere. Photo credit unknown

Garbage Truck on Road. ArtIsEverywhere. Photo credit unknown

My favorite thing in our kitchen are our toe kick drawers that I had custom built.

Sample Toe Kick Drawer from Star Craft Custom Builders