Radiohead & music videos

I am a big fan of Radiohead. I don’t know all their songs, however, and I used to not “get” their music until I listened more carefully. Both my husband and my son Jackson turned me on to them. I like them because they are innovative — not only in their art but also in their marketing. They recently posted “stems” of their music on iTunes to be used creatively and rearranged into other music by the purchaser. Because they still maintain the copyright or ownership (as artists do of their original artwork), they prohibit the reselling of their music. Instead, they are offering a remix contest for the new creations to be submitted and featured on their website. What a cool, out-of-the-box idea.

Here’s another fun thing to check out going into the first week of October. This music video, Editing is Cool, by Bubbles and Cheesecake is not only clever with a catchy, jazzy tune but it shows their creative process in the making. Enjoy. Their humor reminds me of the David Byrne Toe Jam video I posted previously.