Digital Mural Restoration

I found this mention of the conservation of these Renaissance murals  at the Brömserhof Museum in Ruedesheim, Germany, just fascinating. It seems such a practical idea to use the scanning of original photos of these murals with some Photoshop or Illustrator technology (looks like) to enable the necessary steps to replication and repair. Kudos! It makes perfect sense to use digital technology for mural restoration. What a fabulous restoration project to be working on…

Digital Restoration for German Murals, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Traditional Restoration uses new technology for German Murals

Another inspirational mural mention that I discovered this week, is Corinne Ulman’s golden leaf mural, on the Griffin Court Condominium, at 800 10th Avenue on the corner of West 53rd Street, Manhattan. It is just gorgeous. I love these colors, as I get lots of inspiration from Nature.

Leaf Mural. Photo by Hiroko Masuike for The New York Times, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Leaf Leaf Mural. Photo by Hiroko Masuike for The New York Times

I had been hired recently to replicate fall leaf colors in a decorative finish for a client. The oranges and yellow combos I did were bold and bright (represented in a previous client’s work below). It was difficult to introduce the red without obliterating the other colorwashes, however, and without actually painting something figurative, such as leaves. Here’s an example of a wall finish that I did for a client with red and metallic highlights, inspired by fall colors and another one with a suede-like beige with gold flecks. It was soft and reminded me of feathers. Lots of inspiration comes from leaves, Nature and fall colors.


Bold Pumpkin Colorwash


Bold Reddish Colorwash with Bronze Metallic Highlights

Beige Colorwash with Gold Metallic Flecks, Art Is Everywhere blog

Beige Colorwash with Gold Metallic Flecks

I just found this clipping from my “ideabook” of all sorts of visuals to show clients. This helps narrow the field for potential finishes, etc. This would be a perfect solution to incorporate the yellow, orange and red colors of the maple leaves mural above in a decorative colorwash finish. It came from a storage drawer ad in a magazine. You never know where artists are going to find inspiration….

Multiple colorwash coats_Art Is Everywhere

Multiple colorwashes

Rockefeller Center

The Art Deco murals at Rockefeller Center in New York are being restored. The conservators are working so quietly behind the scenes that if they sneeze they may spook someone.

Restoration of Rockefeller Center Murals. NY Times

Restoring Art Deco Murals at Rockefeller Center. NY Times

Restorers Carefully Treat Murals at Rockefeller Center. NY Times

Results of Rockefeller Center Murals Restoration. NY Times

It’s pretty incredible the before and after, once all the yellowed varnish and grime has been removed.

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