Beach & Water

Since we’re at the beach, I thought these lovely pictures would be fitting to post.

From the Seascapes: Tryon and Sugimoto exhibit at the Sackler Gallery through January 25.

From the Richard Misrach: On the Beach exhibit at the National Gallery of Art through September 1st. Here’s a link to my previous post.

This is a great article by Michael O’Sullivan in the Washington Post that follows up on the Richard Misrach exhibit and explains how the artist took his photos. By deleting the horizon line, the sense of perspective is lost and gives that vast, wide-open feel. This gives insight into the creative process and practical application of achieving his photographic art.

Here’s a well worth reading source on Nature Photography and the creative process by Richard Bernabe — about not “looking for the photo” but “letting it find you” and understanding how the right (creative) and left (practical reason) sides of the brain act together in the process of photographing nature.

Many photographers answer the question, “What is Fine Art Photography?” posed by Brian Auer on the Epic Edits Weblog.

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