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Hula and Wonder Updates

Here’s some Hula and Wonder [exhibit] updates from previous posts.

It’s pretty incredible how Hula gets around on his paddle board from place to place and the beautifully realistic portraits he paints. Most respect his ability and talent, which is why it was so surprising to learn that recently his new Clara Mural in West Palm Beach was vandalized and his painting supplies were stolen.

Hula_Clara muralHula_painting materialsThis didn’t stop him from finishing with a remarkable resemblance to the real version.

Hula_Clara mural reference imagesHula has also been to Iceland to paint murals on icebergs that will melt by the time you’re reading this.

AoAna-19_Via Hawaii Magazine on AIE
AoAna Portrait by Hula via Hawaii Magazine

I was able to visit the Wonder Exhibit at the Renwick Gallery on the opening day. Luckily this was the day to go because it’s been even more crowded since.

Here is some pretty awe-inspiring artwork that I’ve tried to capture while there but in most respects they are so much better to experience in person.

Wonder_Index Card Mountains_Tara Donovan_AIE
Index Card Mountains by Tara Donovan
Wonder_Sunlit Yarn_Gabriel Dawe1_AIE
Sunlit Yarn by Gabriel Dawe
Detail Sunlit Yarn by Gabriel Dawe on Art Is Everywhere
Detail Sunlit Yarn by Gabriel Dawe
Wonder_Branch Pods_Patrick Dougherty1_AIE
Branch Pods by Patrick Dougherty
Wonder_Branch Pods_Patrick Dougherty2_AIE
Peek a boo – Branch Pods by Patrick Dougherty
Wonder_Tree Form John Grade2_AIE
Tree Form by John Grade
Wonder_Tree Form John Grade1_AIE
Detail Interior Tree Form by John Grade
Wonder_Janet Echelman_AIE
Amorphous Shape by Janet Echelman
Wonder_Marbles_Maya Lin_AIE
Marbles by Maya Lin
Wonder_Rubber tire wall_Chakaia Booker_AIE
Rubber Tire Wall by Chakaia Booker
Wonder_Insect wall Jennifer Angus3_AIE
Insect wall by Jennifer Angus
Wonder_Insect wall Jennifer Angus2_AIE
Detail Beetles on Insect wall by Jennifer Angus
Wonder_Insect wall Jennifer Angus1_AIE
Detail Insect wall by Jennifer Angus
Wonder_Electronic rain_Leo Villareal_AIE
Electronic Rain by Leo Villareal

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