Changing Murals

This is a quick post announcement from several alerts I just received indicating that at least two well known murals are changing. As one will be vanishing soon, so see it while you can, another gets a fresh redesign and new placement.

The beloved Luzianne mural by Robert Dafford in downtown New Orleans will be partially covered when a new residential unit gets built. So sad, this is a lovely mural that I enjoy seeing each time I go back home. However, the Reily family, the owners of the mural and property, plan on making part of the mural visible to the interior of the building. They also will digitally scan the Luzianne-cart section in hopes to reproduce and place on another wall.

Robert Dafford is the same artist who painted the wonderful Clarinet Mural. The Reily family not only started Luzianne tea but also Blue Plate Mayonnaise — two iconic Nola brand-name products. The highly accomplished Rozas Ward Architecture firm with Myles Martin as the lead architect are chosen to manage the project.

The Brennan family and Reily family share a common wall / section of the mural and there is a written agreement not to change or destroy the mural for 50 years from 1991. This could be problematic if agreeable measures to preserve the mural are not found.

One thought comes to mind, Casart coverings can digitally print the mural onto wallcoverings that can be removed without damage when and if needed.

dafford-mural-1-Times Picayune_AIE

Luzianne Mural by Robert Dafford. Photos via Times Picayune

dafford-mural-2-Times Picayune_AIE

Yes, that’s a “real” tree but certainly hard to tell with Dafford’s painterly skill.

dafford-mural-2-Times Picayune_AIE

Existing Reily Builidng_Rozas Architecture_AIE

Existing Reily Builidng by Rozas Ward Architecture

Proposed Reily Residential1 Rozas Architecture_AIE

Proposed Reily Residential via Rozas Ward Architecture

Proposed Reily Residential1 Rozas Architecture_AIE

Proposed Reily Residential via Rozas Ward Architecture

Jumping to the West, the locally known LA Lady Freeway mural by Kent Twitchell, which had retired due to being tagged and covered from view, is now being resurrected with an updated look and new Afghan Shawl. It will be rehung at the LA Valley College. Hopefully this will be a better placement for this lively lady mural to stay and for all to enjoy.

Old Lady of Freeway Mural 2_Art Is EverywherePersonally, I think the added shawl extending onto the adjacent wall works wonders with the new location. Sometimes changing murals are a positive improvement.Old Lady of Freeway Mural 1_Art Is EverywhereOne interesting side note, I’ve recently discovered Great Big Story, “a video network dedicated to the untold, the overlooked and the flat-out amazing.”

They’ve featured a lot of art oriented stories like the Mumbai Taxicab fabric and others that I’ve also posted. I’ve added them to my Blogroll.

Take for instance this post about Harvard cataloging and saving the world’s most precious pigments that captured my attention. This is an art lover’s cabinet of curiosities!

Harvard protecting pigments_Great Big Story_AIE


Robert Dafford

Robert Dafford, born in 1951, has been doing murals for more than 30 years.  He studied art at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette and interrupted his art work to serve three years as a naval illustrator and draftsman during the Vietnam War.  His first mural was a rainbow trout painted in 1969 for a fish market.  He now has painted nearly 300 murals around the world.  Several are in New Orleans.  One prominent location is on the corner of Girod and Magazine streets.  This depicts a horse-drawn coffee wagon of the Reilly Coffee Company.  Another striking mural is the 150 foot tall clarinet on the side of the Holiday Inn on Loyola Avenue which was dedicated in 1996.  His murals are used by communities to save old downtown areas.  A mural in St. Martinville, Louisiana depicts Acadian refugees who arrived in Louisiana from 1764-1799 and settled in various parts of the state.  The twin mural is in Nantes, France and depicts the departure of Louisiana-bound Acadians from Nantes in1785.  Dafford often collaborates with his brother who handles the engineering aspects of the installation.

–Lorre Lei Jackson

PS: He may have been the one to have painted the KY Floodwall murals, recently posted.

Murals by Robert Dafford Company from Kentucky Views by a Real Estate Broker Blog

Murals by Robert Dafford Company from Kentucky Views by a Real Estate Broker Blog