Bottlecapping a Van Gogh

I thought this was an inventive idea to create a mural using over 6,000 painted bottle caps. Interestingly though, when I went looking for the link to this story about a Burlington art teacher creating this mural with her high school students, it was no longer available.  Instead, I found a link to another story in the Westminster Eagle about, Rosemary McCann, an 18 year old who approached her local library to ask if she could create the same subject mural for them as a part of her Girl Scout Troupe project. This mural now hangs in the Finksburg Library, in Carroll County, MD.

1_BottleCap_VanGogh via Westminster Eagle, seen on Art Is EverywhereAnother link popped up to Karen Phillips Shutterstitch site where she has posted the same subject mural that she made with her elementary art students in Athens, GA.


Shutterstitch_Starry Night as seen on Art Is Everywhere blog

Starry Night via Shutterstitch

Come to find out there is a recipe for this mural in Michelle Stitzlein‘s book, Bottlecap Little Bottlecap, which gives the instructions for completing this Starry Night mural made of bottle caps along with other types of bottle cap artwork. Here’s the original version.


Michelle Stizlein_Starry Night via Bottlecap Little Bottlecap, seen on Art Is Everywhere

Michelle Stizlein's Starry Night vit Bottlecap Little Bottlecap

So not only is this mural creative, the concept for reproducing it is ingenious as an educational “recyclable” art project for children. It’s also interesting in that these all look a little different, just going to show you can take a great idea, be creative and still make it unique.

Here’s another previous bottle cap artwork piece of Van Gogh himself. Here’s what the mural actually ended up looking like.


van-gogh-10 via put a lid on it project, seen on Art Is Everywhere

Van Gogh via the Put a Lid On It Project

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