Aging Newly Painted Cabinetry

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Aging Newly Painted Cabinetry

When my client purchased her new home, the custom cabinets were painted a dark black. This was in direct contrast with the other half of the kitchen and seem incongruous with the white Carrara marble and stainless steel.

Cabinetry_before on

Island in kitchen_before on

Aging the custom cabinetry with a brushed-on and rubbed-off finish helped to harmonize the two sides of the kitchen and create inviting warmth.

Island After Aging Treatment on

Cabinetry After Aging Treatment2 on

Cabinetry After Aging Treatment3 on

When I received the door fronts, which I painted in my studio, they had been repainted a stark white.

You can see the stages of the finish below, which was much lighter to start but then received a second glazing.

Original Finish over White Cabinet Fronts on

The stages of the finish are featured below.

Cabinet Finish Stages on

Fortunately, the glass front cabinet panels, came off as grids, making them much easier to paint. Just the fronts were treated — as were all pieces.

Glass Cab Front FInish on

Glass Front_Detail on

Detail of the aged, glazed treatment.

A few details of the island panels and bookcase backings, really shows the transformation from the before black.

Island Panels and Boocase Backings on

Island Panels Detail on

The final effect adds character to all the cabinetry, island and chairs.

Full Island and Cabinets After Aging on

Detail of Bar Area on

Bar Area Detail

Cabinet Door Detail on

Cabinet Door Detail

Drawer Detail with Dogs Heads on

Drawer Detail with Dogs Heads

Drawer Close Up of Aging Treatment on

Drawer Glazing Detail

One final fix, the mirror was too dark and too much in contrast with the newly glazed and lighter cabinetry.

Dark mirror on

This was remedied with a light gaze wash over the mullions. This lightened the mirror but keeping the original aged treatment.

Lightened Mirror_After on

Now, everyone’s happy with the look!

Glazed cabinets finishes by ashley spencer

Glazed cabinets with owner’s dog