The Design Process


Decorative Finishing, Paint Consultations & Murals

1. Following initial contact (via phone or email–click here for contact page), an on-site appointment will be arranged. This is essential for evaluating light conditions (which affect paint color), measuring the space, choosing paint colors, and determining the scope of the project. Estimates are not usually given over the phone.

2. The initial appointment for decorative finishing and murals usually lasts one hour and costs $125/hour per project, $25 of which will be deducted from labor charges, if services are rendered. At this meeting, I will bring idea books and my portfolio along with specific sample finishes, if they pertain to your project. Any visuals you may have — magazine clippings photos, etc. — portraying how you want your project to look are always helpful. I may take a few “before” pictures.

3. I will prepare a detailed proposal, with each aspect of the project explained and estimates for materials and labor costs broken down. The proposal will also include the estimated time to complete the work. You will receive the proposal and a commission agreement in about one week from the appointment date.

4. You will have 15 days to review, call with any questions, sign and return the commission agreement along with a deposit (usually 1/2 the total estimate).

5. Receipt of your commission agreement and deposit secures the earliest start date for your project (a first come, first served basis). I will contact you to discuss preparing a sample for you to review before work on-site begins.

6. Once you have approved the decorative finishing sample or mural layout, work can begin. Photographs are taken of the project before and after the work is completed.

Note: The time involved for each project depends upon the complexity of the work. For example, murals will take more time than simple one-coat colorwashing. Decorative finishing costs are typically calculated by the square foot and murals by the amount of time they will take to execute. Each project includes one sample but additional samples may be requested to make sure the correct outcome is achieved.

     • Furniture: The process is the same except work is usually done in my studio.

     • Choosing Paint Colors, without decorative finishing: The process is the same as above but without decorative finishing. The cost of the project is determined by the details and scope involved. Please make an initial contact with details about your project so this can be assessed for determining cost. Please indicate the number of rooms for consultation.


Professional Consultation for Artwork Relocation, Arrangement and Hanging
1. Existing artwork in a home is usually removed during the decorative finishing or straight painting the walls in a room.
2. A total new look can be further enhanced by simply relocating the client’s current art pieces and rearranging their placement in different rooms and or different walls than where they were before. The room appears fresh and brand new.
3. As with other services, please fill out the contact form with details and contact me for a consultation.

Fine Art & Illustration

1. Once the initial contact is made and a description of the project is discussed, it will be determined whether a meeting is necessary. Clients typically review portfolio samples for this work in my home.

2. I will send you a commission agreement in the mail for you to review and return within 15 days, along with a deposit (usually 1/2 the total based on estimated time for labor). Once a deposit is made, work for a draft, if necessary, will be provided for approval.

3. You may be asked to provide pictures or any reference materials for portraits or house renderings. These can be mailed or emailed for out-of-state client projects. Otherwise, I can do a photo shoot for an additional cost. Also, time for extra research may be needed for some commissions.

4. Portraits start at $600 and house renderings start at $800. This range increases as additional subjects and color are added. Cost of paintings depend on the complexity, materials, and time involved. Calligraphy for invitations starts at $1/line and increases if the font style has extra flourishes or watercolor.

5. Each finished illustration is roughly 8 1/2” x 11” or custom size and on high rag bristol. Client receives each piece of original artwork, which is signed and one of a kind. Baby portraits may be reduced and printed for announcements and illustrations reproduced for cards and invitations at an additional cost.