Painted Fern Console Table

Furniture • Design Showhouse This painted fern console table was hand painted with a custom design for a client’s home featured on one of the Alexandria Home & Garden Tours.    

Carpe Diem Hand Lettering

Design Showhouses: Carpe Diem Hand Lettering Click here to view the entire Alexandria Home & Garden tour project.  

Guest House

Finishes • Design Showhouses • Close Up: Guest House Spring 2004, Del Ray, Virginia   Click the Guest House hyperlink to read more about its worthwhile cause.   << Go back to the Design Showhouses Page.

Belle Haven Home & Garden Tour

Belle Haven Home and Garden Tour 2004, Alexandria, Virgina Includes: Wavy Foyer Stripes, Faux Padded Harlequin, Faux Linen decorative finishes and a handpainted Garden Gate Design Before:  A lost entry… After:  Gains presence with curvy, pearled metallic stripes with copper edges. The pearled glaze emboldens the space with a shimmering glow and welcomes any visitor […]

Faux House – Trompe l’Oeil

The House That Faux Built, 2006, Arlington, Virginia. Click here to learn more about this artistic, fundraising project for New Orleans.   Other news coverage includes: Click this link for coverage on HouseSmarts TV, episode #41. Aired Fall, 2007.  Michael Ayala interviews me and Adrienne vanDooren about the Faux House. Coverage on Channel […]

Alexandria Garden & Home Tours

Alexandria Garden & Home Tour — April 22, 2006, Old Town, Virginia Includes: Faux Flagstone, Aged Studio Door, Carpe Diem Quote, Vive Bene Quote and Hand Lettering, Faux Gilded Candlesticks, Trumeau Mirror – Mini Mural   Alexandria Garden & Home Tour, April 2005, Old Town, Virginia Includes: Custom Painted Console Table Click this link to […]