Floor Design is Showing Wear and Tear

Finishes • Repair & Restoration • Floor Finish: This floor design is showing wear and tear. Floor stains have been matched, repaired and new coats of sealant added and floor restored.   Save Save Save

Porch Floor with Harlequin Pattern

Floor Finish: View how this porch floor completely changed with a painted harlequin pattern.   Save Save

Stained Diamond Floor Pattern Enlarges and Enlivens the Space

Floor Finish: View the difference. This stained diamond floor pattern enlarges and enlivens the space. Background: Clients had existing harlequin, checkered pattern but needed to replace their old kitchen floor while they were adding their addition. My job was to replicate the pattern and floor dyed finish to allow visibility of the wood grain. They […]

Painted Porch Floor Harlequin

Floor Finish: Painted Porch Floor Harlequin enlarges the space and creates a sophisticated look.     Save Save