Fireplace Mantel Gets a Makeover

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A Fireplace Mantel Gets a Welcome Makeover

My client had purchased her mantel online. When it arrived it didn’t look at all like it was represented. It was more mustard than cream. The form of the mantel is beautiful as is the type of aged finish. She wanted to keep these, just knock down the yellow to make it more cream and spruce up the glazing to add more character.

After having just completed a beautiful interior renovation using Stuart Nordin’s professional interior design services, we all agreed that the fireplace would have better balance if a different hue. Presently, it commanded too much focus.

It went from this:

Fireplace Before_via

Fireplace Before – too mustard

To this:  Working with my client, who did the base-painting, I completed the decorative painting that maintained that sophisticated, aged-look that blends in better with the overall design.

This essentially restored the piece back to what was hoped to be the original look + make it better.

Fireplace after refinishing via

Fireplace after refinishing

Fireplace after refinishing without topiaries via

Another view without topiaries

Here are a few detailed images of the decorative finish and glaze used to create a subtle, aged-look that has a lot of ‘Old World,’ Italianate character and pinache.

Fireplace finish detail via Fireplace Finish Detail 2 via Fireplace Finish Detail 3 via Fireplace Finish Detail 4 via

In a relatively newly-built townhome, it is nice to have a fireplace that gives a sense it has been there for ages.

Painted Fireplace enhances interior design via

This same finish can be applied to wooden cabinetry and kitchen cabinets.

It gives a warm, welcoming ambiance.

Fireplace Detail with Flowers via