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Having just returned from New Orleans, I have my home city still on my mind. I had wanted to take many pictures of murals that I remember but no time. Instead, I’ll post a few entries that depict just a few of the many examples of art in New Orleans.

Traveling down St. Charles Avenue at night, you can’t help but notice the multicolored beacon of changing colored lights illuminating the Hotel LeCirque as you approach Lee Circle. It’s an artistic light show extraordinaire.

Light Show at Hotel LeCirque in New Orleans

This is an attention grabber because it’s mesmerizing to watch how the colors of the lights slowly feed into the next — much slower than this fast changing photo would suggest.

We have a bar here in Alexandria, VA — The Trademark and the Jamieson Grille at the Westin Hotel that does something similar with florescent lighting that changes around the top of the bar — makes drinking your cocktail all the more fun. An inside tip, if you’re a local in the neighborhood, like my husband and I are, mention it to the wait staff in order to get a discount.

Trademark Bar/Jamieson Grille, Westin Hotel, Alexandria, VA

Maybe this is a new trend, as seen also in this photo of The Dexia Tower in Brussels, but the technology is worth noting for its innovation and creating a modern art form using fantastic light shows. This Cannes Fringe story about LAB[au] explains how their light shows can be interactive and “viewer operated,” so to speak. Pretty fascinating public art! Bellagio, watch out, your fountains have competition.

The Dexia Tower in Brussels using LAbau light technology

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