Mother’s Day Passing

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. It was also the day that our beloved family cat, Dante, passed away. He had been sick a while and I’m glad we could be with him when it happened. He was near 13 years old and was born in the back of our yard. We picked him out of the litter because he came right to us, unafraid and eager. He just wanted to be around us. He was like our dog — always greeting us and just content to sit right by us. He loved people and was a happy cat.

I was going to post this picture of the Rhododendrons in our garden yesterday but it seems more fitting to post them today as purple is the symbolic color of spirituality, suffering and rebirth.

Rhodos in Bloom photo by C. Ashley Spencer

Dante loved going outside in the last few days. Even though he was an indoor cat, we indulged him during his last days. He had lost half of his body weight and looked almost kitten-like in how fragile he appeared.

Dante, our family cat, towards the end

Here’s a pillow that I designed in his likeness and needlepointed a long time ago. I purposely left the eyes just painted because I wanted a bit more depth, as in reality, “windows are the eyes into the soul.” I got a funny email yesterday that said women could read cats’ facial expressions. Well, with this cat, because he was so expressive and seemed to communicate so well, our whole family could understand him. He’ll be so sadly missed but much loved and fondly remembered.

Dante Pillow by C. Ashley Spencer

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