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I am inspired by innovation and the willingness to persevere. Maybe it’s just the human spirit’s way of surviving but it is most descriptive of the American way. It’s also what I see going on in New Orleans. Every time I’ve been back, there is more progress to be seen. It will take time but the people here find a way to make life better each day even if it’s by little bits.

This article, The Cultural Conversion of Cast-Off Churches, in The Washington Post describes how abandoned churches are being used for other purposes — a cultural arts center, a senior day center, a music club and even condominiums. Yes, it’s sad that these churches are no longer used for religious worship, but it’s refreshing to see these holy spaces are still appreciated and used for practical purposes. They continue, however, to be where communities can come together and still be celebrated.

I love the design and color scheme of the vaulted ceiling and interior of this former St. Cecilia Catholic Church, which is now being used as a senior day center. In many ways, it demonstrates the juxtaposition of the traditional and modern existing simultaneously.

St. Cecilia Catholic Church in New Orleans, now a senior day center.

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