Nature’s Jewelry

I like U Street, but I really like this jewelry more.

Lotus Flower Jewelry /Washington Post

I realize the trend is everything “Green” and not just the color; however, this piece is beautiful because of the color and reminds me how Nature can be so inspirational to artists. Evidently the lotus flower symbolizes rebirth and resurrection. I like symbolic meanings so I appreciate this all the more.*

I’m not a big jewelry wearer but I do recognize the artistic merit captured in the design of exceptional pieces. I think the jewelry by Ruth Zelanski seen in this le pot of roses blog is really worth mentioning, primarily for this interview about her creative process. I admire her creative outlook and her ability to capture pure form, which is influenced by nature, and to strike an emotional feeling (feet photo pendant). I get inspired when I hear what inspires others. I like that she lives by the quote, “Do what you love.” I always remember my father telling me the same. Even though he might have preferred that I had gone into medicine, he never made me feel bad about choosing art. In fact he tried his own hand at it several times — trying to draw at age 73 and then painting oil landscapes with me when he was even older. I admired his willingness to try. I think everyone has the ability to create art (some people may have more talent than others), you just have to be open minded to tap into it and willing to learn. Shouldn’t this be an everyday philosophy?

Living life fully takes open mindedness, and the willingness to take risks, chances and experience adventure as well as appreciate the quite, silent, reflective moments. Nature gives us artists and everyone many of these opportunities.

*I can’t let the Easter season of rebirth and Resurrection pass without mentioning these beautifully dyed Easter Eggs on Bazalai’s Flickr post. What makes them unusual to me is that although they display very traditional and detailed Romanian designs, they are simultaneously very modern by their contrasting black and white coloration. I wish they were sculptures. Eggs are so fragile, just as are creation, the human spirit, the soul and Christian divinity, all that the egg has become to symbolize in art. The Ostrich egg symbolizes the Virgin birth, so when you see it in a painting, then you’ll know more than one reference:

Bellini, Enthroned Madonna and Child, 1456 -59

Clicking on this Artchive link allows you to view and peruse the Bellini painting at any size.

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