Example of one of the taxicabs fitted with taxifabric on Art Is Everywhere
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Taking Art to the Taxis

I’m always impressed when I see new ways to experience art. I discovered Taxi Fabric Art on Kickstarter today. It’s a new artistic campaign in India that is really taking art to the taxis by allowing a vehicle (no pun intended) for artists in Mumbai to submit their artwork for printing onto the fabric that is used in taxi cabs. The philosophy behind the project, from the founders:

We want to help Indian designers have their work not only be seen but also allow them to connect with members of the public who up until now perhaps haven’t understood that design can tell stories and create emotions…

Example of one of the taxicabs fitted with taxifabric on Art Is Everywhere
Example of one of the taxicabs fitted with an artist’s design. Photos via Kickstarter and Taxifabric.org

Not only that, but this is an opportunity to bring economic benefit to those who often have even more difficulty than in America of being discovered as an artist. India is also a place of such dichotomy, with such beauty, natural wonders and gorgeous, delectable food but with such disparity with those who have very little and live with a lot of hardship.

Every Taxi Fabric design has the opportunity to be seen by upwards of 4,000 people in the 4-5 months that it features in a Mumbai taxi. If we reach our target, that will mean 120,000+ people in Mumbai will have seen the work of these designers by Christmas.

The Taxi drivers have commented that they believe their customers are not only engaging with them more, but most of them also ask them about their designs featured in their taxis. Some have even told us that they are getting more fares because their taxis stand out in a way the other taxis don’t.

3 out of the 5 designers who have made Taxi Fabrics have been contacted by members of the public who have seen their designs and want to work with them further…

Taxifabric 3 on Art Is Everywhere
Quite a fashionable ride here. Be sure to read all the artists’ stories.

Taxifabric 2 on Art Is EverywhereClick here to read more and perhaps fund as little as $16 to this campaign. They’ve already reached $7,983 of their $12,402 goal (at the time of this writing) with 83 backers. You have until August 11th to participate.

Click on each image below to read the story behind the artwork. I’m not surprised that their website is very user-friendly, so be sure to go to the home page to check out each of these artists’ taxi’s artistic story and hit the back button to read more here.

Taxifabric 4 on Art Is Everywhere
Click on this image and other images below to read about the artist’s inspiration
Taxifabric 6 on Art Is Everywhere
What do dabbawalla delivering his dabbas, the last man standing in the train compartment, the taxi driver dodging traffic and you – battling time have in common?
Taxifabric 5 on Art Is Everywhere
Who knew hawkers could be so pretty?!

I think, if this effort takes off, and it looks like it will, the concept could be implemented elsewhere. It just goes to show you that the most everyday, taken for granted and often overlooked places show that art can be everywhere.

You can read more about the organization on taxifabric.org

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