Neville Brothers & Fireworks

We saw the Neville Brothers in concert at the Birchmere with our sons and some friends. They were excellent as always and made me feel like I was back home in New Orleans listening to their famous songs: Yellow Moon, Iko Iko, Fire on the Bayou, Party at Tipitinas and a few renditions of old classics that Aaron Neville has made his own like, Tell It Like it Is and Sitting Here in Limbo and Amazing Grace. Since I couldn’t take pictures, here’s a post of them playing on the David Letterman Show @ two years ago, but I think this recent concert was their first touring after Hurricane Katrina. They have some more great music to listen to on their website link above.

Since it’s July 4th, here’s some Firework Art and you can learn most anything you ever wanted to know about fireworks at the fireworks museum website.

After 20 years of having an annual 4th of July Picnic on the Virginia side of the Potomac, the Park Police have made it too difficult for us to pull it off. They have pulled the fencing up all the way to the road and have put up no parking signs. We successfully passed the baton for any party planning to our son, Piers. He was able to establish a “beach head” to hold the spot for fireworks viewing over the Washington Monument. It wasn’t easy because he and his friend had to park at Roosevelt Island and schlep the tent and stuff to our spot. They already have the flag up and hopefully we’ll be metro-ing to join them later. Happy Independence Day!!

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