Birthday Flowers & Blog Anniversary

Even though my birthday was a week ago, these flowers are still lovely and the arrangement is so artistically done. These were given to me by one of my best friends along with the beautiful tulip card. (Liza used to live in Holland.) Seems like the place to get beautiful flowers in my town is at Helen Olivia because they are just gorgeous and the attention to the design details are just impeccable, like their signature ribbon wrap. I also appreciate that their store is named after the owners’ grandmothers, signifying a passed down wisdom.

birthday-flowers-09 by C. Ashley Spencer

My other cards are thanks to my artist friend, Patsie, and my mother and mother-in-law. Love it. I’m not a big birthday celebrant but these helped to make my day and my birthday celebration linger. Another anniversary that I have to mention is I have been writing this blog now for one year and it has certainly grown and has been rewarding. Although I see my time dwindling as casart coverings takes over, I hope to keep current in the art world by being able to post what I find here. There is so much out there.

Here was one story, for instance, that really touched me, Confronting Life of Death at a Young Age, by Ibby Caputo — not only the writing but the sentiment, so true: in a powerless situation, the will to live gives personal power to try. I can relate to being young and with a cancer diagnosis; although not of her severity, but while pregnant, nonetheless, so a lot was at stake. She describes her fight so bravely and realistically. I’m glad I saved the print edition because what is just as powerful as her story is her recovery and the laughter and joy seen in this picture (with a blue morpho butterfly, which happens to be our new company’s symbol of rebirth and trasformation).

Ibby Caputo by Steven Caputo via The Washington Post

The Post has a wonderful new writer for their Health Section. I’ll be interested to read more.

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