Getting More with Your Money

These incredible origami images came to me through an email. They were originally created by Master Origami Artist, Won Park. He has made all of these from folding mostly one and in some cases two dollar bills (where noted). Origami is the ancient art of Japanese paper folding to create a representational image by folding a sheet of paper, without gluing, cutting or pasting. Here’s more of his origami, since he doesn’t appear to have his own web page.

On a side note, while keeping money in mind, there are many sources out there to donate to Haiti and the relief effort going on there but we’ve donated to the American Red Cross and Episcopal Relief Fund, if you want two good sources. You can give as little as $10 by simply texting the word “Haiti” to 90999 and the money will go directly to The American Red Cross Haitian relief and show up on your next cell phone bill. This is a great way to get desperate funding going quickly. Anyone, and particularly those from New Orleans, can resonate with this type of disaster. It’s horrible, so here’s a an opportunity to help if you wish. Coincidentally, in my last post, Coldplay is also doing their part.

origami-bat by Won Park

origami-camera by Won Park

origami-dolphin by Won Park

origami-dragon by Won Park

Dragon made with two dollar bills.

origami-fish1 by Won Park

origami-hammerhead by Won Park

origami-jacket by Won Park

Jacket made with two dollar bills.

origami-jet by Won Park

origami-penguin by Won Park

origami-scorpion by Won Park

origami-shark by Won Park

origami-spider by Won Park

Spider made with two dollar bills.

origami-tank by Won Park

Tank made with two dollar bills.

origami-toilet-bowl by Won Park

Toilet bowl made with two dollar bills.

Here’s a source for diagrams for making origami.

Won Park Folds The Fins On His Dollar KoiFor more amazing video clips, click here

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