Photo-Realistic Portraiture

I didn’t post any portrait photography in my last post because mostly Nature and animals were highlighted as the best pictures but I think portraiture is much harder to capture in photography. I find it interesting that this artist, Korin Faught, uses photography as part of her creative process to manipulate and create just the right moody reference for her oil painted portraits. More portraits can be seen at the opening of her exhibition last summer in Los Angeles via Juxtapoz and at Lost In a Supermarket.

Korin Faught via Juxtapoz Magazine

Chinoiserie Painting by Korin Faught

I enjoy some of her work and it’s photo-realistic quality. The Chinoiserie one above reminds me of Sargent’s painting, Repose, in style but with a less impressionistic stroke.

Repose. Painting by John Singer Sargent

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