Seeing some of Summer’s Bounties

Are you enjoying the bounties of fresh summer vegetables and produce? Here’s a realistic mural in downtown Wilmington, OH that depicts just this. I like its appreciation for community gardening and it’s realistic quality. It reminds me of some of the murals you might see in Philadelphia (a whole other post will be coming on that later).

JasonMorgan_GardenMural via as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Community Garden Mural by Jason Morgan, Wilmington OH

Or if you don’t have a garden and it’s too hot to grow produce, here’s another “cool” solution — a succulent mural in Pasadena.

succulent mural_primepickjpg via Pasadena Weekly seen on Art Is Everywhere

Succulent mural by Luis Ituarte in Pasadena, CA

Both projects help to beautify their neighborhoods. The succulent mural was the second commissioned piece of artwork as a part of the Neighborhood Enhancement Mural Program but unfortunately, the first endeavor was accidentally painted over with white paint.

Let’s say you don’t like traditional garden murals. Here are more organic mural concepts to consider. This is a fabulous idea.

living wall on as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Living Wall Mural via

Instead of using a wall what about a non-traditional surface, such as the grounds at St. John University in the UK.

Art Patterns on the Grounds of St. John University as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Patterns on the Grounds of St. John Univ., via York Press

Detail, pattern on St. John Univ Grounds, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Pattern detail on St. John University Grounds, via York Press

And finally, this one has been making the email forward rounds.

Rice Paddy Mural via coyoteprime-runningcauseicantfly, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Rice Paddy Mural in Japan, courtesy coyoteprime-runningcauseicantfly blog

What is so fascinating about these truly organic murals is that upon closer inspection you can see that many different varieties of rice had to be strategically planted in order to achieve the effect. Pretty remarkable and lots of planning.

Rice Paddy Mural closeup via coyoteprime-runningcauseicantfly, seen on Art Is Everywhere

Mural closeup via coyoteprim

There are many more Japanese rice paddy murals to see via this dailymail.UK weblink, along with a video.

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