Seeing Signs of a Rainbow

Post Irene and while writing this I’m not sure where I’ll be. On vacation, finally, or stuck working still?….As I write this with an hour upon the big bands of 85 mile winds approaching that have caused 20,000 people to lose power in Virginia, I’m not sure if power will still be on in the morning. But, at least I can envision signs of rainbow — hoping all will be well.

Here are views that you may be seeing “after the storm” captured in a Morning Drive by watercolorist landscape painter and illustrator,  Nick Swift, who I’ve just added to my blogroll. He has an interesting background being partially color blind that brings extra fascination to his work. He also has an instructive painting demo that show the process of his work. I’m intrigued with the artist’s creative process.

Nick Swift_Morning Drive_2 scenes via Nick Swift, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

I also like his shells, which I hope to be collecting by the time this post is published. I love beachcombing in the early hours before any ones else is awake and the beach gets crowed — and I’m NOT a morning person but this gets me up.

Nick Swift_Shells on Art Table via Nick Swift, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

But I hope I’ll be seeing signs of a rainbow by this time too:

1) Rainbow Door to Paradise by Agnieszka Cuprys from Poland (designboom).

rainbow_door_01 via designboom as seen on Art Is Everywhere blog

2) A Rainbow “house” stairs by Ab Rogers and DA Studio (modern house deco).

Rainbow-House-by-Ab-Rogers-Design-and-DA-Studio via modern house deco, on Art is Everywhere

3) Plexus no. 8 by Gabriel Dawe is lovely and reminds me of a translucent rainbow (St. Louis Riverfront Times).

jessica-baran-encapsulates-the-st-louis-art-scene.7177883.40 via RRT on Art Is Everywhere

4) and even Rainbow Sheep — now that’s really seeing rainbows (moonbattery).

rainbow_sheep via moonbattery seen on Art is Everywhere

How could I not post She’s a Rainbow by The Rolling Stones. A great song to Kick Start the Weekend.

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  1. Thank you so much for the lovely review of my work. Those scenes were painted as cold fronts pushed their way over the Texas Hill County. Though pretty to look at, they can be quite destructive. Appreciate you taking the time to browse through my blog.
    Take care,

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