Citronelle & Food Art

Did I mention that my husband and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary once at Citronelle? Yes, but I never posted this when we had our special Leap Year celebration, which happens every four years in addition to our regular anniversary. We were married the French way — civil service (on Leap Year) with a Church Blessing* later (in April). As it just so happens, Citronelle, with all its glorious food-art was featured in my March issue of Veranda magazine. Here are Michael Richard’s exquisite culinary compositions below. That meal and City Zen, recently, both rank high on our list of memorable, albeit expensive, occasions. If I had only known that Jackson Pollock soup was on the menu at Citronelle, that would have been even more perfect.

Michael Richard Culinary Arts1_Veranda_ArtIsEveywhere_blog.jpg

Michael Richard Culinary Arts2_Veranda_ArtIsEveywhere_blog.jpg

Michael Richard Culinary Arts3_Veranda_ArtIsEveywhere_blog.jpg

Michael Richard Culinary Arts4_Veranda_ArtIsEveywhere_blog.jpg

Michael Richard Culinary Arts5_Veranda_ArtIsEveywhere_blog.jpg

Michael Richard Culinary Arts6_Veranda_ArtIsEveywhere_blog.jpg

As I’m writing this post, I ran across another blog called Eat Me Daily. (No, not what you may be thinking.) It’s a blog on food and culture with a bit of tongue and cheek twist. I so enjoyed it and these Old King Cole Murals by Guido d’Aquili below, that I’ve added it to my Blogroll. Love the humor, wit and data. For instance, if you’re looking for a bacon-caramel filled, chocolate Easter egg, they will tell you where to find it.

Here are all of their posts on Food Art, if you want to quench your desire for more.

Old King Cole Mural by Guido d\'Aquili via Eat Me Daily

* Finally, I just finished the book Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert for my book group. I’m just bringing this up because marriage is important to me and I’ve just mentioned my wedding anniversary. I’d recommend the book because of her thought provoking approach and the research she did in order to understand why people wed and the importance of marriage. Also, I think her style of writing is wonderful, just as she is a dynamic speaker (previous post). Although, I’ll be the first to say, I don’t like her “me”ism and proselytizing political rants. Therein, I give it a “C” for it’s self-directed nature and conveniently omitted factual information regarding marriage (there is no bibliography by the way). However, I appreciate the fact that she wanted to learn more about marriage because she was “forced” into it for the sake of maintaining her relationship with Felipe, her Brazilian love interest whom she met at the end of Eat, Pray, Love (be on the look out for the movie with Julia Roberts). And, I liked Committed better than her previous best seller. I’ll give it an “A” for her quest for discovery, as this is what the artist inherently does — delve into their subject — and I appreciate her effort, most of her delivery and the fact that her book was insightful on an informational level.

Interior Combination

I was so excited to see this photo below in Traditional Home’s March issue. I had written about David Trubridge’s Geometric Spheres before and I was happy to see them being used as lighting fixtures in Barry Dixon’s latest Greenspace, interior design project. It was a design show house that took place in McLean, VA that I didn’t get a chance to see, so I’m really glad to read about it here. I’m always struck by ways art can combine with design, for I think the two are integrable. This is a good example. Look how David Trubridge’s light fixture stands out in Dixon’s décor as a central, almost sculptural art piece.

traditional-home_greenspace. Interior Design by Barry Dixon

traditional-home_greenspace. Interior Design by Barry Dixon

traditional-home_greenspace. Interior Design by Barry Dixon

I’ve written about Barry Dixon’s designs before and on Slipcovers for Your Walls, as he’s been one of my favorite interior designers, along with a few others that I follow.

Since today is my birthday, I thought I’d post one more nice looking art and design example that we might see everyday but overlook in magazine ads. This is one nice shirt! 🙂

Artistic Tile Shirt. Art Is Everywhere blog

I’m going to eat my birthday cake with a Spoon (by Cibo Matto) to Kick-Start your weekend.

This snowman that my husband built, maybe the last of the season, looks like she’s dancing!

Peter\'s Snowman. Photo by Peter Spencer