Interior Combination

I was so excited to see this photo below in Traditional Home’s March issue. I had written about David Trubridge’s Geometric Spheres before and I was happy to see them being used as lighting fixtures in Barry Dixon’s latest Greenspace, interior design project. It was a design show house that took place in McLean, VA that I didn’t get a chance to see, so I’m really glad to read about it here. I’m always struck by ways art can combine with design, for I think the two are integrable. This is a good example. Look how David Trubridge’s light fixture stands out in Dixon’s décor as a central, almost sculptural art piece.

traditional-home_greenspace. Interior Design by Barry Dixon

traditional-home_greenspace. Interior Design by Barry Dixon

traditional-home_greenspace. Interior Design by Barry Dixon

I’ve written about Barry Dixon’s designs before and on Slipcovers for Your Walls, as he’s been one of my favorite interior designers, along with a few others that I follow.

Since today is my birthday, I thought I’d post one more nice looking art and design example that we might see everyday but overlook in magazine ads. This is one nice shirt! 🙂

Artistic Tile Shirt. Art Is Everywhere blog

I’m going to eat my birthday cake with a Spoon (by Cibo Matto) to Kick-Start your weekend.

This snowman that my husband built, maybe the last of the season, looks like she’s dancing!

Peter\'s Snowman. Photo by Peter Spencer

Historic Decor for the Season

I was impressed with what the designers created for the diplomacy rooms at the historic Blair House. Six life style, “shelter” magazines were called on for their help to design holiday themes for these estate rooms and then execute the decoration in a very short time span. Despite this being very tough times for the Design Industry, they pulled out all the stops. Martha Stewart, among others was there, snapping her own pictures, probably for her blog. A reception was then hosted by the State Department for government employees serving in dangerous locations oversees. Here are some pictures of the lovely outcomes. Link to read more in the article, Esprit Decor by Jura Konicus.

Martha Stewart. Photo by Susan Biddle for Washington Post

Mother Earth Design in Jackson Room. Photo by Susan Biddle, WP

Barry Dixon for Trad. Home. Lee Dining Rm. Photo by Susan Biddle, WP

I just recently wrote about a design lecture that I attended in which Barry Dixon was one of the speakers, on Slipcovers for your Walls (casart blog for casart coverings). I really like this sophisticated yet sedate table setting that was used. The gift box is a perfect complement.

Place Setting in Lee Dining Room. Photo by Susan Biddle, WP

Inspecting Martha Stewart Gingerbread House. Photo Susan Biddle, WP

Martha Stewart Living design. Photo by Susan Biddle, Washington Post

Martha Stewart Living design. Photo by Susan Biddle, Washington Post

The bird ornaments were inspired and designed from printed photo scans of the elements in the wallpaper. Since I’m into the wallpaper business I thought this was a great idea.

Traditional holiday decor from years gone by, designed by This Old House below.

This Old House design Truman Study. Photo Susan Biddle, Wash. Post

Hilary Rodham Clinton greets State Department kids and their families.

State Department Reception. Photo by Susan Biddle, Washington Post


I am sure there is a lot of art in Lexington, but we were only there briefly and passing through to really discover it and take it in. However, I really like this blue horse painting on the cover of the Lexington, KY Visitor Planning Guide 2009.

blue-horse-lexington-guide. Painting by Edward Troye

And these horse sculptures greeted us as we entered the city.

Lexington horse sculptures. Photo by C. Ashley Spencer

On the drive to Danville, we went by our son Jackson’s friend’s house — very cool, edgy and artsy. You’d never know it was a residence from the outside.

jacksons-friends-house0052b. Photo by C. Ashley Spencer

As we were driving to Danville we saw some interesting scenes. I just had to capture this image of the two old gentlemen driving in their old Cadillac — kinda iconographic and not for Kentucky. I liked the dichotomy of what it could represent.

driving-in-ky. Photo by C. Ashley Spencer

We also saw hex signs painted on barns. I like their graphic nature and their symbolism is interesting.

ky-hexsign. Photo by C. Ashley Spencer

The Hand

The hand is versatile instrument not only for gesture, waiving goodbye for instance but also for artistic element.

AT&T Tulip Hands Ad

AT&T Moose Hand Ad

I was surprised to find these in my Bon Apetit magazine, which I acquired after Domino went defunct. Great magazine, by the way. We’ve already made Thai Seafood Chowder and it was excellent.

I’m wondering if these hands were painted by Guido Daniele. I first found his incredible painted hand artwork on Lost at E Minor.

Guido Daniele. Hand painted Eagle.

We had to say goodbye to our marketing folks, which has been a long time coming but a necessary and stressful business decision. Time to wave goodbye, wish everyone well and move forward.

Good news, however, my sister is handling our marketing and has quite a talent for it. Already we’ve been mentioned in My Favorite Things blog and have had write ups in the Times Picayune and their Wish Supplement. We’ve also just been named one of the winners of the Leading Moms in Business Competition through StartUp Nation (see info in the sidebar). Can’t help but be positive about this! (Here’s our media page for more information.)

Here’s a video that seems appropriate to kick start the weekend: Burden in My Hand by Soundgarden.


I didn’t know this technique had a name but it’s called églomisé. It’s the process of removing and/or painting over the silvering from the back of a mirror to produce a print, figurative patterning and or simulating an aging process. I was struck by the coral prints on these mirrors used by interior designer Amanda Nesbit in the Ocean 3 Showhouse, featured in Traditional Home’s March issue. They come from Soicher Marin but I wish I knew more. I really like the colors she used as well. That hint of pink is a nice softening touch that just seems to marry these lime, beige and purple colors perfectly.

eglomise-nesbit-trad-home March 2009

Oh, by the way, I write on my mag clips because I use these to put into binders for business reference. I show these to my clients to help to spark ideas. I call these binders my “idea books” and I bring the appropriate ones with me to every client meeting. They are extremely helpful to all parties in the design process.

business-binders-books-of-ideas by C. Ashley Spencer

Here’s an example of some églomisé that I’ve done and have had on my website. The mirror is aged so is protected with a sealant rather than really shiny.

Aged Mirror by C. Ashley Spencer

Aged Mirror Detail by C. Ashley Spencer

I wanted to get back to painting some new designs last week but I’ve been stuck in a mental rut due to some unforeseen stress. I’ve done a few but need to get back on it pronto. This advice on Breaking Out of a Creative Rut by Ali Edwards was helpful. It helped to confirm some of what I was already doing to get back on track: don’t think about it too much, get away from it, be inspired, read magazines, etc. I was able to produce two more designs for casart coverings in the past couple of days. Just @ 14 to go.

Oh, and here’s our latest video — an interview with Eddie Ross. You’ll have to turn up the volume, however. The tile guy right next door to us decided to start his demo during our interview. Some things you just can’t control.

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