Atelier Oi’s Art Forms

After all of my interior design oriented posts last week, I thought I’d feature this picture on the cover of Interior Design Magazine. They describe it as “art forms,” which I agree but it also looks to me like a three-dimensional, hanging-from-the-ceiling mural that is fully integrated and actually “makes” the entire fantasy space. I find this enchanting. There’s more to the story here. This looks like such a happy place that I’m fully expecting fairies to go filtering across. I love the play with proportion.

InteriorDesignMag-cover as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Here are more designs by the Switzerland firm Atelier Oi and their new headquarters in La Neuveville.

v301070_958_480_319-23_Stylepark, as seen on Art is Everywhere

Moitel, Atelier Oi's headquarters. Photos courtesy Stylepark

Atelier Oi team_Stylepark, as seen on Art is Everywhere

Atelier Oi team via Stylepark

Dress your body building in Cormondrèche; on Art Is Everywhere

Dress your body building in Cormondrèche; photo by Yves André via Stylepark

Look how different this building can look depending on the lighting and the angle.

Dress your body building at night via Stylepark, as seen on ArtIsEverywhere

Dress your body building at night via Stylepark

More fabulous lighting fixtures.

Les Danseuses on Stylepark, as seen on ArtIsEverywhere

Les Danseuses on Stylepark

And when winter is upon us, just think of this shade umbrella.

atelier-oi-pavallion_via, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Atelier Oi Pavallion via

Before I get blown away by more of their designs, let’s get back to murals. There is a hanging mural contest going on by Condé Systems.  Click here for the details with chances to win an iPad and $200 – $100 in Condé Systems account credit.

Rainbow Wood

When I saw this picture of striped, rainbow-colored, wooden bowls in my April issue of House Beautiful magazine, I was immediately reminded that I have a similarly designed coffee spoon that I use everyday, thanks to Aunt Sue. I never really thought of it artistically but its design is just that and a woodcraft artisan must have made it. Again, art and design, in this case functional art, combined. That’s my philosophy and I’m sticking with it. How lovely these rainbow-wood designs are. Now I’d like to get the bowls. They are found at ($6 for a 3″ bowl). It’s rather interesting to discover that there is a Williamsburg connection to this store. My older son, Piers, goes to UVA, a rival school to William & Mary in Williamsburg. Recalling the family trip we took there, I’ve always thought this town was charming; however, Piers just couldn’t get the Colonial reenactors out of his mind when applying there. For all you foodies out there, I just clicked on this link to learn they have a Julia Child scented candle. I can help but find this funny. Hmmm, might be better to say, Julia Child inspired candle, don’t you think? OK that reminds me, I need to see the movie, Julia & Julia. Even my husband has seen it before me. Well, I might add he was on a flight to Copenhagen, so what else was there to do?

Rainbow Wooden Bowls_ House Beautiful_ArtIsEverywhere blog.jpg

rainbow-spoon_artiseverywhere_blog1. photo by C. Ashley Spencer

rainbow-spoon_artiseverywhere_blog2. photo by c. ashley spencer